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2012 Word of the Year : Steadfast


I don’t get caught in the trap of New Year’s Resolutions, which are usually doomed to fail.

I choose a word, phrase, character quality, song, or idea to meditate on, practice, engage, and dialogue with throughout the year.



What it is :

Resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering
steady – firm – stable – constant – staunch – immovable
1. Fixed or unchanging; steady. Focussed.
2. Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.

> steadfastness-brings-character-and-is-a-sign-of-maturity


Bible Verses : 


What it is not :

Changing my mind

People pleasing (includes my children)


What it looks like in practice:

In a relationship : You are committed and dedicated to each other: your love is strong and it sustains your relationship through whatever life throws your way.

Learning to listen to God’s word

~ not needing to defend my parental position with my young teens

~ not feeling like I have to act/think in a particular way to gain someone else’s approval

– being aware of God’s always-love of me (makes me want to shout!!)

– knowing and knowing that my husband is on my side – yeah!

Something Old Something New

Two of my computers ‘fried’ in the last week or so. Can you believe it?!

Sadly my collection of writing, articles, and graphics of the last ten years are no longer intact. Trojans and worms from my kids games computer (it’s a long story – this is the Reader’s Digest version here), where I stored my MOPS ‘stuff’, nibbled through the documents – sniff! wah!! I’ve regrouped some folders and files from older back-up disks and hope to get more from the office computer, but there’s holes that I guess will be noticed for some time yet.

What a character-building month … Give me a break!!

But there is a happy ending … I have a new computer (to me) with plenty of RAM ROM disk space and other important computer bits!

Anyway, spent a bit of time in the last 24 hours putting updates and essential programs in, and I have some lovely friends extricating files off the other pakaru disk, so I have hope – and now I have a new thing to try out with WordPress – post by e-mail. Could this get better?

Holding onto hope!

New Look Site

A new theme – with changing colours

Rearranged the recipes – categorised too

WW : Parts of Me

Here are the various parts of my life: – Lapbooking – presentation folders for school projects or unit studies. Also resources and webquests. – general homeschooling info for NZ – forum for women who have migraines

My Husband’s site:

My children’s (neglected) blogsite:

I’m president of MOPS NZ:
mother organisation’s huge website:

MUM-e-Mail – free twice-a-month encouragement for mothers of under 6s and their supporters:

This is gathered with some other interesting sites I like
at Crayon “Banquet Times”  – click items down the LHS

Create your own newspaper :

Keeping occupied!

The Week

Mummy Monday
– to young children, home educating mothers

Tummy Tuesday
– recipes, healthy food

Weblinks Wednesday
links for anything that interests me – homeschool, migraines, creativity 
– or maybe Wordless Wednesday? – a picture or photo

Thoughtful Thursday
– a question, a ponder …

Fellowship Friday
– friendships, organic church …

I do not promise to post every day every week, but I thought this could put a structure on my thinking and posting.

See you soon,

DH –
chn –

My Strengths

Words – writing – gaining knowledge – research – not afraid of computers –

– “help others to help themselves” – encouragement  – give things a go –  failure is not terminal – determination – sense of humour – will ‘speak the truth with love’ –

– support home education – right of parents to raise and love and train their own children – support mothers of preschoolers (MOPS) –

… to be continued …


It was great on the weekend at Pukehina to hear a friend outline his dreams that stretch out years ahead. They were clear and detailed.

I found it exciting and inspiring to hear these dreams explained. I live with one that if he has dreams I’m not a party to them. Anything extracted out of him is vague at best. I think his lack of formulating or expressing dreams and hopes-future means my hopes and dreams are not sought. I’m realising that I need to express my future wishes – but the sad thing is I’ve lost (or am losing) touch with what they are. I haven’t thought about what I’d like to do in the next 5-10 years – or before I retire – or die.

So, here and now, I’ll start the thinking out and writing down of my hopes or what I think they are – it will be a process. Things will change and evolve along the way. But a process us mothers – and mother-home educators – need to work through nonetheless.

What am I good at?

What do I think I will be good at (but maybe not had the opportunity to do)?

What skills do I have?

What do people tell me about me?

“Secret” dreams from throughout the years…


Have been distracted by stumbleupon and neglected the blog!

meeting a few homeschoolers there too …

well on the way through the third of four terms for this school year

and …

spring is coming!