MOE and timetables

Ministry of Education (NZ) has questioned about my timetable.

Timetables in reality are not kept from my (and contemporaries) experience but they do look pretty hanging on the wall. In the end I didn’t give one to MOE, but showed how I approached education. More “sitdown” around-the-table discussions in the morning and more outings and activities in the afternoon.

Subjects are constructs on a good day and NZ research from a decade ago showed that subjects are not the key issue in learning and education.
My opinion is that PROCESS is more important than CONTENT.
MOE wants to see variety (which happens anyway and really can’t not happen).

They have a negative ‘thing’ about us (homeschoolers) doing one topic in the day (tho you and I know that sometimes this is just what an inquisitive child needs at times). And the 3Rs invariably happens anyway.

Allow yourself an out by saying “responding to presenting opportunities” (like Grandma coming, a new co-op class, or picnic at the park).

Use vague wording like ‘generally”, ‘often’, ‘possible’.

No timetable needed

Making an application for exemption from a registered school?clock swirl

No timetable is needed.
But you do need to indicate (acc to law, s.21) “as regularly and as well”.

We made a comment, in our exemption application, about regular meals around the dining table; more sit down, schooly stuff in the morning; and tend to do more creative or outside activities in afternoon – yet being flexible enough to respond to Grandma’s visit or other events or occasions that arose.

:: Keep vague, flexible, and yet include stuff that keeps MOE happy.

NZ Homeschool Exemption Application thoughts for those overseas

* My instinct is to apply once you’re here with some sort of NZ address, 6yo is legal age to be in school, but don’t rush/fuss. Just settle in to life here, without school.

* Exemption form is available online – 

Don’t be spooked by talk of 15 page applications –  that’s not needed.. 

* Use the outline of the application as your title heads, including subjects (I did, though, make a disclaimer about the artificial nature of subjects ‘boxes’ as life is more wide ranging and mixed up than that) – and succinctly fill in their (MOE) boxes.

* Timetables and lesson plans are not necessary as all you need to show is that you ‘teach as regularly and as well’ (s.21, Ed Act, 1989).
Talk about regular meals, and maybe more sit down work in morning. 

* Timetables are something wonderful to hang on walls to make someone else more secure but really are a work of fiction as we respond to the interesting world and families around us.

* Use of words like :: possibly, maybe, could be … are wonderful homeschool exemption form words!

* Expect to be asked for more info from MOE (min of ed) – it’s their way of trying to make us feel their power over us, methinks.

* In the meantime, think about what you want to achieve between now and 18yo.
What type of child would you like to train up? How will you bring out the best in them?
What are your family’s mottoes/ values/ priorities – this is where you spend most time in the next decade or so. I made a comment about wanting them to be contributing citizens who are honest, respectful,…