Gather around our Bankwhitt Table

Check out the variety in our feast of Life.

Banquet Table(- these links open in new screen) – and keep scrolling down

 1.  Church

– includes gathering, assembly, following Jesus 

2. Mother’s Encouragement 

– includes mothers, children, parenting, family

3. Recipes

 – some of our family’s favourites

4.  Migraine + Health

– triggers, acid vs alkali, nutrients, food groups …

5. Homeschooling

We call ourselves “BankWhitt Academy”. 

 – also check out for New Zealand homeschooling information and helps)

6. Lapbooking

 – creative topic study presentation folders

My family’s web presence:

7. The Counsellor

– husband

8. Kiwikids

– children (untouched lately)

Remember Your Old People

All Saints Day is 1 November

  • Opportunity to remember your grandparents and those that went before you.
  • What is your family’s Christian heritage?
  • Chance to retell the family stories and oral traditions of your family (whanau).
  • Better than Halloween! – The Spirit of Tio Fernando by Janice Levy, picture book

– pdf includes lapbooking ideas, suitable for mini-unit study, for homeschoolers – home educators

~ Enjoy!

WW : Parts of Me

Here are the various parts of my life: – Lapbooking – presentation folders for school projects or unit studies. Also resources and webquests. – general homeschooling info for NZ – forum for women who have migraines

My Husband’s site:

My children’s (neglected) blogsite:

I’m president of MOPS NZ:
mother organisation’s huge website:

MUM-e-Mail – free twice-a-month encouragement for mothers of under 6s and their supporters:

This is gathered with some other interesting sites I like
at Crayon “Banquet Times”  – click items down the LHS

Create your own newspaper :

Keeping occupied!

WW : Lapbooking Blogs 2

This is some of what google alerts delivers for “lapbooking”. – Dear Bored Stiff – file crates and specials from the Sunshine State, USA – zoology – from Montana – wish they knew about lapbooking sooner – Wizard of Oz – just getting started – write and encourage her in lapbooking. “The 2-shelf bookshelf just doesn’t cut it any more” – hey! they must be homeschoolers!! – folder-booking (22)

Happy Reading! Better still, Happy Lapbooking!

We’re studying Germany this term – language, food, music, culture, geographic features, WW history.

WW : 10 things about NZ Maori

Kia ora!  


History overview :


Culture – protocols  (on marae etc) : – overview



Te Reo – language :


Iwi – tribes :


Waiata – songs :
Stick game with music : 


Unit Study overview : 


Whale Rider :  –   music
The haunting sound in the movie is made by synthesizer but mimics in part a Maori woodwind instrument.
movie synopsis  –


Google images : “nz maori” – takes you to some interesting pages 


Maori astronomy : – star charts, lunar months, Matariki (new year)


“Maori” in NZ Herald, New Zealand’s largest newspaper – sports and tribal settlements

ALSO … a webquest …


Lapbooking Blogs

Lapbooking is a fantastic way to present unit studies or projects.


Lapbook folders, ideas, and photos from last week: – first lapbook – Johanna’s blog

Digital lapbooking is relatively new and emerging.
Here are some examples of different styles : (by 3x 9+10 year olds) using a tumblr blog  (8yo) using wordpress with linked through files (16yo) using macromedia shockwave flash (swf movie) – the original site – add your digital lapbook link in the Comments

WW : Unit Studies

Unit Studies

can take less than a week or as long as you like.
We thought one month was a good time, but that seems to draw out to a term (10 weeks) with all the usual homeschooling “interruptions” like trips to Grandma’s, swimming lessons for a week, or …

Choose a topic – define it. Learn about mind mapping or concept webs.
Get your hands on some Graphic Organizers-Organisers (GO). – click & print away! – need pdf reader – scroll down to GOs that help to plan and layout ideas. 7 pages!

Do a plan.

Ask questions: what you Know?   Want to know?    Learnt from the study?
I think visually so the type of chart below suits me.
The titles can vary – add in more like : Technology; Physical Activity; Foreign Language …

Cover all elements or subjects, but not necessarily all in one Lapbook!
Some topics are more Science focussed, and others more Literary.

xx (wanted to put in planning sheet – but… another day)

Unit Study Links(right click and ‘open in new window’) – overview Lapbook Lesson Plan Guide – no pics – books – lesson planning – excellent - visual learning – Use this to search for unit study topics, teaching extras. – unit studies! some broken links though - Excellent site! Worth becoming a member. – click away for units! – graded units – Thematic units, e-books, activities etc  A unit study directory of free online unit studies Find a unit – click the area/grade needed!

Subjects – timeline! - Good for ideas, click Literature, Social Studies or Thematic to view entire books with pockets. – scroll down for alpha list – Geography atlases, global info

Google “unit studies” <put topic here>