Homeschooling Under Fives

A lot of learning happens without pens, pencils, felt pens, books even (shock, horror). Mix up whatever you do, working with the stages of your child/ren.foundations of faith child tree

Homeschooling is nothing mystical or special – it’s just enjoying running in the park, turning over leaves, window-shopping, engaging with the world around you like a happy (I’d like to say, normal) family. Books and desks are not the only way to learn reading and writing (that’s what schools do and it kills the pleasure of learning often) – enjoy life around you doing ordinary everyday life stuff.

Lego, cars, blocks, balls, boxes, being mother’s little helper are excellent imagination starters for 2-3 year olds. Remember you are the mother and if you want them to sit and ‘read’ a book with you for a few minutes, then that is what you work towards.

Choose what is really important to you and your family in life (your priorities), then pursue those. You are answerable to God, your husband and child/ren, and yourself for the choices you make. If your child isn’t speaking and reading by the time he’s 10-11 yo, then come and see me. (But you probably won’t need to)   🙂 

Don’t buy in to others’ comments. Comparison is a killer – it leads to pride or shame/ rejection/ depression. None of that stuff you need on top of the responsibility of being the fantastic mum + helpmeet that you are.

The best thing for your child’s mind is you smiling, chatting, touching, engaging – even for short bursts throughout the day.


Let Go Of Shame

adam eve shameHumans have been self-conscious since Adam and Eve.

Pride and shame have continued to be part of the structure of society ever since.

Shame leads to anger and aggression.

Unclench. Relax. Lose your pride. 

Be released and made whole, through Christ Jesus, who endured the Cross and rose again to life.

By God’s Grace, we can put off shame and rejection and put on acceptance and freedom.

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | The Blog of Frank Viola

from Frank Viola :

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | Beyond Evangelical | The Blog of Frank Viola.




Chuck Girard – Psalm 5

.  (3 min 36)

nameabove chuck girard music4us psalm5 chuck girard


I’m putting things I really want to keep on this blog. is breaking up and closing down; Facebook stuff gets lost in the news feed.

Be blessed by Chuck Girard’s rendition of Psalm 5. Worship the God of our morning and our days.

Guys, It Matters Whom You Marry, Too

Guys version


And here’s the girls’ version ::


Christmas in Summer

We do things a bit differently Down Under – I’m dripping with the heat and humidity at present.


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Apologia Biology – 2ed

353px-Monarch_Butterfly_Cocoon_6708This should get me going for Apologia Biology 2013.
These resources I found when planning for next year. (NZ school year is Feb-early Dec] – password on page 5 of book

Apologia “exploring Creation With Biology” 2nd Edition – Lapbook Journal

.. * * – write for password


Reviews : – animations of bacteria etc



Module 1 –

Module 1:  The Study of Life – AJ

Videos, etc. for M1 – videos included

Module 1 – Biology: The Study of Life – Q – lab reports


Module 2 – 

Module 2:  Kingoom Monera – AJ – simple/clear video (Tammy Moore)

Videos, etc. for M2

Module 2 – Kingdom Monera – Q


Module 3

Module 3:  Kingdom Protista – AJ – algae (Tammy Moore)

Videos, etc. for M3, Part A – subkingdom Protozoa
Videos, etc. for M3, Part B – subkingdom Algae

Module 3 – Kingdom Protista – Q


Module 4

Kingdom Fungi – AJ

Videos, etc. for M4, Part A (introduction)
Videos, etc. for M4, Part B – 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi
Videos, etc. for M4, Part C – the last 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi

Module 4 – Kingdom Fungi – Q


Module 5

The Chemistry of Life – AJ

Videos, etc. for M5, Part A
Videos, etc. for M5, Part B

Module 5 – The Chemistry of Life = Q


Module 6

Module 6 – The Cell

Videos, etc. for M6

Module 6 – The Cell


Module 7

Videos, etc. for M7

Module 7 – Cellular Reproduction and DNA


Module 8 – Mendelian Genetics

Videos, etc. for M8

Module 8 – Mendelian Genetics


Module 9 – Evolution

Videos, etc. for M9

Module 9 – Evolution:  Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis


Module 10

Module 10 – Ecology

Videos, etc, for M10

Module 10 – Ecology

The Famous Frog Cakes


Module 11– Invertebrates

Videos, etc, for M11

Module 11 – The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia


Module 12

Module 12 – Phylum Arthropoda

Videos, etc, for M12

Module 12 – Phylum Arthropoda


Module 13

Module 13 – Phylum Chordata

Videos, etc, for M13

Module 13 – Phylum Chordata


Module 14

Module 14 – Kingdom Plantae – videos included

Module 14 – Kingdom Plantae:  Anatomy and Classification


Module 15

Module 15 – Kingdom Plantae

Videos, etc. for M15– videos included

Module 15 – Kingdom Plantae: Physiology and Reproduction


Module 16

Module 16 – Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

Videos, etc. for M16

Module 16 – Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals


biology slides:
§  Ascaris mitosis, section

§  Allium (onion) root tip, l.s.

§  Amoeba proteus, w.m.

§  Diatoms (marine). w.m.

§  Euglena, w.m.

§  Ficus (dicot) leaf with vein, c.s.

§  Grantia (sponge) spicules, w.m.

§  Hydra (budding), w.m.

§  Paramecium, w.m.

§  Planaria (injected), w.m.

§  Ranunculus (dicot) stem, c.s.

§  Ranunculus (dicot) root, c.s.

§  Spirogyra, w.m.

§  Volvox, w.m.

§  Zea Mays (monocot) stem, c.s.

§  Zea Mays (monocot) root, c.s.

W.m. = whole mount
C.s. = cross section
Sec. = section

Non-Apologia material – biology classification (google images)