April 2008

Mother Maxim

“Taste and see that the Lord is good”. Food is good, but relationships are better.

Mother Moment –

Get a Taste for Dining Together

By Johanna W

  • Ginger gems or apple cinnamon muffins fresh from the oven smell good and taste good. And roast lamb makes me salivate. What is it that your family enjoys?
  • Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are good as snacks – sliced, into sticks, maybe with a dip. My three year old daughter thought prunes were a treat!
  • Enthuse children with a good-looking variety of food at mealtimes. And set a good example. Start with your children as you intend to continue.
  • Take your preschoolers (and beyond) on a ‘taste adventure’ – the food feels… “crunchy”, “squishy”, … “a bit different, but it’s yummy, isn’t it?” Great vocab builder.
  • Our three year old, surrounded at the local food hall with people eating chips and burgers from the Golden Arches, looks at mum’s and dad’s food and says with great enthusiasm, “Ooh, can I have some carrots and some broccoli?” We chuckled. She has successfully embarked on the adventure of food.
  • Meals for family or visitors needs to be simple and tasty, colourful, and calming. Turn off distractions and enjoy time together around the dinner table. Here, children learn of conversation, turn-taking, respect, the ‘art’ of listening, and parents get an opportunity to hear of how life is with their children and friends.
  • Hospitality is encouraged throughout the Bible. Take care of travellers; practice hospitality. Meals can be simple and prepared ahead – casserole, salads. Food is not more important than people.Sit down and relax with your guests and others find it easier to relax.
  • Dinner music without words can set a tone to a meal, just as candles or tablecloths can.
  • Use the tablecloth and nice china at least one night a week “just because”. Why save those things only for special occasions? Another day of life is special occasion enough.

© 2007 jmcw

Mother’s Heart

I need to take time for myself; make time to BE with my family – it’s for the benefit of all of us.


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