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from Frank Viola :

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | Beyond Evangelical | The Blog of Frank Viola.




Church : http://openchurchnz.wordpress.com/

Check out


for articles about

what is church,

being church,

following Jesus,

assembly, gathering together, congregations

Gather around our Bankwhitt Table

Check out the variety in our feast of Life.

Banquet Table(- these links open in new screen) – and keep scrolling down

 1.  Church

– includes gathering, assembly, following Jesus 

2. Mother’s Encouragement 

– includes mothers, children, parenting, family

3. Recipes

 – some of our family’s favourites

4.  Migraine + Health

– triggers, acid vs alkali, nutrients, food groups …

5. Homeschooling

We call ourselves “BankWhitt Academy”. 

 – also check out www.nzhomeed.wordpress.com for New Zealand homeschooling information and helps)

6. Lapbooking

 – creative topic study presentation folders

My family’s web presence:

7. The Counsellor

– husband

8. Kiwikids

– children (untouched lately)