Almost …


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A bit of a homeschooling joke.


after the ball was over …

Our Home Education Network had a Winter Ball a couple of weeks ago. 170 men, women, teens, and children enjoyed a great night out of great conversation, food, dance, lights – and a good social time.

For a Network that is more than 50% Christian, it’s sad that more don’t choose to join in family fun like this. Why don’t they? I can’t answer this for certain.

Do they not like dancing? That’s ok. I did a couple of folk dances, then ‘convivialised’ the night away – helping to tidy the food tables and clear dishes, chat with all sorts and ages including some past coordinators, clapping from the sidelines cheering others on.
With the non smoking laws, the air was clear. The fruit punch was delicious and in plenty supply. The children were mannered and well-behaved.
A lot of fun and laughter.

We dressed up, had our photos taken, and went home late [which was sooo exciting for G9 and N7.5].

Some want to organise another one next year – I vote for that!
Plus it’s a good chance for Christians like me to be Salt and Light in the world and enjoy a wide range of friends.

Shalom …