QP : Slumdogs of Mumbai

“I used to ask God why people suffer like this. Finally I came to the place where I stopped asking questions and started being the answer.” —Biju Thampy

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QP : New Moaf Tin

I’m so proud of my (coated metal) moaf baking tin. 8-mini-loaf
It has 8x rectangle mini-loaf holes (business card size – 9×5.5cm).

I made some Christmas Pudds in them – usually they’re done in muffin trays, but they look so cute mini-loaf sized.

I wrapped a couple on Monday and sent them off to work with the Counsellor.

It all started when I was asking God what I was going to do with all the cards I make and He said,”Give them away!’

So, now I’ve started giving a mini-loaf and a card … tis a good thing! Cool way to bless others.
(The first recipient had been sick, tho I hadn’t known that.)

PS (Fri 1 May) :
I’ve just found that the word Moaf has unglamorous connotations, apart from Min of Ag and Fish, so I need a new catchy name for my mini-loaves. But muffin-loaf and mini-loaf are clumsy to say… aue!
Any suggestions? or should we just ‘redeem’ the word?
A muff … loafette … ‘ni-lo’ …

QP : email

… I think that emails are not the best way to disagree with or to correct someone.

Old fashioned telephones or face-to-face conversations are better. Then intonations and gestures (the para-language cues) give more information – and less chance of hurt or misunderstanding.