bimler “reeve teal” curtain

bimler “reeve teal” curtain

light background curtain fabric

bimler reeve teal curtain

31 Days of Cleaning

Every day there’s wiping around, picking up, laundry, and dishes,
but once a month (I’m not a perfectionist cleanie!)
I share the chores around the family (DH + 2 young teens)
– usually three manageable chores on Saturday morning,
plus a “Do your own” item.

From this grid I choose the chores
from the week before today’s date
– sometimes I break them into smaller tasks.

This is the grid I’ve come up with :

31 Days of Cleaning

31 Days of Cleaning

31 days of cleaning – printable pdf page


How do you keep your house (and the spiders, cobwebs, dust bunnies, and hodgepodge randomness) “under control”?