Something Old Something New

Two of my computers ‘fried’ in the last week or so. Can you believe it?!

Sadly my collection of writing, articles, and graphics of the last ten years are no longer intact. Trojans and worms from my kids games computer (it’s a long story – this is the Reader’s Digest version here), where I stored my MOPS ‘stuff’, nibbled through the documents – sniff! wah!! I’ve regrouped some folders and files from older back-up disks and hope to get more from the office computer, but there’s holes that I guess will be noticed for some time yet.

What a character-building month … Give me a break!!

But there is a happy ending … I have a new computer (to me) with plenty of RAM ROM disk space and other important computer bits!

Anyway, spent a bit of time in the last 24 hours putting updates and essential programs in, and I have some lovely friends extricating files off the other pakaru disk, so I have hope – and now I have a new thing to try out with WordPress – post by e-mail. Could this get better?

Holding onto hope!