It’s been a while …

An upgrade to my computer means that I once again can interact with my WordPress blogs.

I actually wandered into Facebook and Farmville and Country Life … for a couple of years. It was fun for a while. I met some nice people around the world along the way. But the literacy level of too many FB users is low and reading posts was for the most part mind-numbingly, well, numbing! Not to mention the irritation of people who don’t know your from you’re. Or its from it’s.

I’ve read some interesting thoughts on homeschooling, church drop-outs, parenting skills. I fiddled with apps that allowed me to make a “movie”, enter competitions ( I won two lots of chocolate and movie tickets), and play more zombie games.

But I needed to subscribe to two WordPress blogs recently and a much more interesting world opened up to me again. And I’ve re-met some ‘old friends’ in the form of elegantly written blogs.

This week: – husband’s counselling comments – a young friend recovering from back surgery (scoliosis) – this is one of those elegant blogs