Sinai Covenant and Marriage Covenant

Sinai Covenant and Marriage Covenant

It is an enlightening exercise to compare the Sinai covenant with the marriage covenant by interpreting the Ten Commandments as ten principles of conduct for married people.

Paul Stevens has produced a most perceptive comparison between the two covenants by means of the following table:

Covenant Between                           Covenant Between
Israel and Yahweh                          Wife and Husband

1. No other Gods                           1. Exclusive loyalty to my spouse

2. No graven image                     2. Truthfulness and faithfulness

3. Not taking the Lord’s name in vain 
                                                             3. Honoring my spouse in public and private

4. Remembering the Sabbath day 4. Giving my spouse time and rest

5. Honoring father and mother 5. Rightly relating to parents and in-laws

6. No murder                               6. Freedom from hatred and destructive anger

7. No adultery                            7. Sexual faithfulness; controlled appetites

8. No stealing                             8. True community of property with the gift of privacy

9. No false testimony             9. Truthful communication

10. No coveting                        10. Contentment: freedom from demands.

R. Paul Stevens, Married for Good (Downers Grove, Illinois, 1986), pp. 87-88