Home is …

January 2008

Mother Maxim

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…”

Mother Moment

HOME is the theme in MUM-e-Mail this year. Home is more than bricks, mortar, and wood. It is a place of comfort and hopefully contentment; your castle; your refuge; where memories and family are. And the ultimate home for Christians is heaven, the place where we truly belong, for we are but pilgrims on a journey through this world.

Home doesn’t need to be boring or a place where we stay in a rut, even if we are creatures of habit. A home can be a place for gathering your neighbours for a cuppa or a barbecue – one or two or many. A place where love, respect, and honour for one another and God reigns supreme. A place where grace and forgiveness, both which come from God, are practised – again and again.

In many ways our earthly homes are the centre of our world. Just as the universal church is made of people, so are our homes. Mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and children, babies, friends – old and new. Everyone related one way or another. My niece, Susan, born in India, lived as a teen in Lebanon, now in New Zealand, always thought of her home as being “where my pillow is”. Wisdom from a child. Home is with our family.

© July 2002, jmcw

Mother’s Heart

May I and my household be a blessing as we seek to build a home which exudes peace, warmth, and friendship.

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