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Apologia Biology – 2ed

353px-Monarch_Butterfly_Cocoon_6708This should get me going for Apologia Biology 2013.
These resources I found when planning for next year. (NZ school year is Feb-early Dec] – password on page 5 of book

Apologia “exploring Creation With Biology” 2nd Edition – Lapbook Journal

.. * * – write for password


Reviews : – animations of bacteria etc



Module 1 –

Module 1:  The Study of Life – AJ

Videos, etc. for M1 – videos included

Module 1 – Biology: The Study of Life – Q – lab reports


Module 2 – 

Module 2:  Kingoom Monera – AJ – simple/clear video (Tammy Moore)

Videos, etc. for M2

Module 2 – Kingdom Monera – Q


Module 3

Module 3:  Kingdom Protista – AJ – algae (Tammy Moore)

Videos, etc. for M3, Part A – subkingdom Protozoa
Videos, etc. for M3, Part B – subkingdom Algae

Module 3 – Kingdom Protista – Q


Module 4

Kingdom Fungi – AJ

Videos, etc. for M4, Part A (introduction)
Videos, etc. for M4, Part B – 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi
Videos, etc. for M4, Part C – the last 3 of the 6 Phyla in kingdom Fungi

Module 4 – Kingdom Fungi – Q


Module 5

The Chemistry of Life – AJ

Videos, etc. for M5, Part A
Videos, etc. for M5, Part B

Module 5 – The Chemistry of Life = Q


Module 6

Module 6 – The Cell

Videos, etc. for M6

Module 6 – The Cell


Module 7

Videos, etc. for M7

Module 7 – Cellular Reproduction and DNA


Module 8 – Mendelian Genetics

Videos, etc. for M8

Module 8 – Mendelian Genetics


Module 9 – Evolution

Videos, etc. for M9

Module 9 – Evolution:  Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis


Module 10

Module 10 – Ecology

Videos, etc, for M10

Module 10 – Ecology

The Famous Frog Cakes


Module 11– Invertebrates

Videos, etc, for M11

Module 11 – The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia


Module 12

Module 12 – Phylum Arthropoda

Videos, etc, for M12

Module 12 – Phylum Arthropoda


Module 13

Module 13 – Phylum Chordata

Videos, etc, for M13

Module 13 – Phylum Chordata


Module 14

Module 14 – Kingdom Plantae – videos included

Module 14 – Kingdom Plantae:  Anatomy and Classification


Module 15

Module 15 – Kingdom Plantae

Videos, etc. for M15– videos included

Module 15 – Kingdom Plantae: Physiology and Reproduction


Module 16

Module 16 – Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

Videos, etc. for M16

Module 16 – Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals


biology slides:
§  Ascaris mitosis, section

§  Allium (onion) root tip, l.s.

§  Amoeba proteus, w.m.

§  Diatoms (marine). w.m.

§  Euglena, w.m.

§  Ficus (dicot) leaf with vein, c.s.

§  Grantia (sponge) spicules, w.m.

§  Hydra (budding), w.m.

§  Paramecium, w.m.

§  Planaria (injected), w.m.

§  Ranunculus (dicot) stem, c.s.

§  Ranunculus (dicot) root, c.s.

§  Spirogyra, w.m.

§  Volvox, w.m.

§  Zea Mays (monocot) stem, c.s.

§  Zea Mays (monocot) root, c.s.

W.m. = whole mount
C.s. = cross section
Sec. = section

Non-Apologia material – biology classification (google images)

HS: Another ‘Week’ Homeschooling at BankWhitt Academy

Friday 1 June 2012

It’s after 1am Saturday but Friday started too soon. Stuffed in the nose and head. Made some saline solution with baking soda.

And am really struggling with the Chemistry, quanta/quantum, lazy electrons, atomic structure, particles, photons and protons. Bit much really.

Slept in the afternoon then watched some telly > ChoiceTV Channel 12 with its Home and Garden programmes.

Children went off to Word of Life. probably should go to bed now. Chores await when I awake!

Saturday 2 June 2012

Up at 8am, did an hour of gardening in west kitchen garden > geums, bulbs, etc – only a metre but another bag filled.

Corned silverside into crockpot with onions and carrots. Chores done.

Late lunch. Joce came for a visit. Went for massage at Zhang’s in the Mall ($25 for neck, shoulders, and back), then I wandered for a bit before home and tea.

Meal/meat lovely – just missing the white sauce … tomorrow!

Catan games. Bed about 11pm.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Went to Excel Performance at Central Baptist today – great harmonies, tight show. Well done.

From one of the songs: I glorify the One who died for me.

A quote: I forgive you. No shame. No blame.

Barry Barker? spoke at end – talked of … when climbing the ladder, make sure it is against the right wall.

Relaxed, telly, Catan.

Monday 4 June 2012

About midnight again. Queen’s Birthday holiday today.

Up slow. Had table time with the chn while Mark ironed his shirts.

Art books – drew circles and lines and considered the works of P.Mondrian, FLWright, and W.Kandinsky.

Also did Flying Monkeys on LifeSkills101 – BBB means? (breakfast, bedroom, bathroom), chores/tasks included. Was enlightening and shows me the chn can parrot what I’ve said to them – now all we need is for them to put these things in to practice. 🙂

G+N went out to the orchard, where Sarah lives, and picked apples, had tea, played some games.

Home a bit late at about 10.20pm. Mark and I visited G+N.E for afternoon tea, then home for mince that G had left for us.

Also able to put some ‘tea’ pots in to freezer for when we(3)’re away and Mark is at home.

Wed 6 June 2012

Slowly making progress on packing bags, mending things, sorting life, and getting people where they’re meant to be.

Hadn’t accounted for Mark’s movements yesterday and totally misjudged the day. Felt like I “didn’t get anything done”.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Another couple of days pottering towards the goal of getting in the car about Tuesday lunchtime for 16 days down south.

Computer, food box, household gear, schoolbag, getting 3x suitcase closed.

Just 3x sewing – zip in NJs jacket, shoulder seams sewn in Gs dress, and hem on mine.

Out to Raglan for Peter K’s baptism tomorrow – brr!

~ Had 3x games of Catan today with the children.

Pizza made by G for tea, with custard on crunch topped with fruit following.

HS: Sample Week in a Homeschooling Home

Friday 25 May 2012

Tamati Coffey (TV1 morning weather guy) introduced Hamilton Community Gospel Choir on TV1 Breakfast Show for their 30 seconds of fame singing “Lovely Day”. Grace in the front row; Mark in the back.

All Petra Bagust was interested in was their Paua wraps (tops).

27 May 2012

another migraine. when i bend over my brain feels like it’s falling out. still up after midnight. sinus issues still too. bit down, but boxing on.

28 May 2012

^ Homeschool Activity – Today :
~ 3x cups, 3x plates (2 sizes) – consider colour, pattern, design. Stack eg as an afternoon tea ‘tower’.
~ Character quality – dictation : Flexibility opp. resistance.
~ 10 mentals – x10, percentage of
~ w/Grace – scanned through 4x English texts > increase word power (Rdrs Digest), work with poetry, comprehension, short stories
~ Grace – set up study desk by fridge in dining room
~ Nathan – practiced printing clear numbers on whiteboard
~ peeled, chopped, grated, froze veges > 1x soup bag, 3x stir fry bags, 2x stew bags. What a team!
~ Sausage satay casserole for dinner, using one of the stew bags.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

~ Made a sausage (satay) casserole and put in the freezer for the South Island in a couple of weeks.

~ Choir for Grace. Petrol + Groceries with NJ. Nathan had a piano lesson with Alison.

~ I Bo.lted some excellent homeschool resources. Getting a useful collection on there now.
~ Also watched a safety film on riding a segway! About $100 to hire in Queenstown.
~ watched some design programs on Choice TV. Bed at 11.22pm.

31 May 2012

Thursday is about done! already. Found some pages on Atoms for G’s Chemistry class. 2 loads of washing out.

Bert + Barbara popped in for a cuppa and catch-up. Made pumpkin-based soup. Lunch.

Kids did science and maths.

Yesterday organised a bookcase for Mark’s books – he’s pleased. Not sure what was achieved today – certainly winter is here … and it can be quite chilly in the mornings.

Ten days of …

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Home School Sign

sign – for your van window?


You really need to be homeschooled to fully appreciate this one.

after the ball was over …

Our Home Education Network had a Winter Ball a couple of weeks ago. 170 men, women, teens, and children enjoyed a great night out of great conversation, food, dance, lights – and a good social time.

For a Network that is more than 50% Christian, it’s sad that more don’t choose to join in family fun like this. Why don’t they? I can’t answer this for certain.

Do they not like dancing? That’s ok. I did a couple of folk dances, then ‘convivialised’ the night away – helping to tidy the food tables and clear dishes, chat with all sorts and ages including some past coordinators, clapping from the sidelines cheering others on.
With the non smoking laws, the air was clear. The fruit punch was delicious and in plenty supply. The children were mannered and well-behaved.
A lot of fun and laughter.

We dressed up, had our photos taken, and went home late [which was sooo exciting for G9 and N7.5].

Some want to organise another one next year – I vote for that!
Plus it’s a good chance for Christians like me to be Salt and Light in the world and enjoy a wide range of friends.

Shalom …