Farewell iGoogle … Hello … ?

I’m searching for replacements for iGoogle.

A page that opens to find the latest news, feeds from a couple of my favourite websites – including my own.
But it won’t be there in a few days – what will I have instead?

Here’s some I’ve had recommended ::

http://www.startme.com/ – simple, grouped, start page

https://www.portalpanel.com/ **





https://starthq.com/ – populate the launcher with your apps

http://www.netvibes.com/ – free for personal use :: http://faq.netvibes.com/downloads/Netvibes-User_Guide.pdf

google chrome has 8 of your popular websites, but these are fluid and change and so less useful

And I have forgotten about my!yahoo :: http://nz.yahoo.com/

There’s one more I’ve had in the distant past, in New Zealand :: http://www.kadaza.co.nz/ > might start here as my iGoogle substitute.


FYI : change your Internet browser’s default home page ::  http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000577.htm#3

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | The Blog of Frank Viola

from Frank Viola :

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does | Beyond Evangelical | The Blog of Frank Viola.




Variation and Universality in Children’s Play

Child's Toys

Variation and Universality in Children’s Play

An article with photos about how children in different countries have different toys and different levels of sharing.



I read an article discussing phrases for encouraging children.

Here is my Pinterest board of various pics / posters that could be hung around the home, as reminders.



National Association of School Lunches Takes Aim at Those Who Dare to Eat at Home

by Valorie Delp

The National Association of School Lunches today, in a bold public statement, expressed their concern over untrained mothers serving lunch to their children. Says one source, “The problem is wide spread. We have mothers, who are untrained in how to serve lunches, feeding their children, in their homes. Something simply has to be done.”

The National Association of School Lunches warns parents of the possible ramifications of feeding their children at home: Children will be deprived of the social experience of eating in the cafeteria. Some important social rites of passage, such as food fights, will be completely skipped.

Students who eat at home may not get to learn how others students in other parts of the world eat. Exposure to chopsticks or eating on the floor will be completely diminished.

Students who eat at home may not get the full range of foods that are available only through the school cafeteria.

There is no quantifiable way to measure the nutritional standard of the food being served. Surely parents need to be told what foods their children must eat. Lunch eating is serious–moms could never figure this out on their own.

But the biggest argument put forth by the National Association of School Lunches is that mothers are untrained in serving lunches. They strongly feel that in order to serve school lunches, one must have taken important courses and be certified in things like serving techniques, placing the food properly on the tray, anti food-fight tactical manoeuvres and how to dollop mush. Although mothers serve their children lunches every day from birth until that child enters school, once the child is school-aged, the parent must be trained or their lack of training could be a detriment. Previous experience counts for nothing in the hard core, fast paced world of school lunch serving.

Another key concern are health and safety standards that are required by law in school cafeterias. Although I cannot explain how the phenomenon might occur, apparently home is clean enough for breakfast and dinner but during the lunch hour, homes everywhere must be attacked by germs and bacteria thus necessitating state produced standards for cleanliness for the lunch hour.

Finally, school lunch personnel everywhere are concerned about accountability. Should children have to prove that they’re getting adequate nutrition or perhaps should mothers have to submit meal plans for the year to be approved by the state department of school lunches to check and make sure that the food that’s going to be served meets nutritional standards.

Come back later as I have a feeling that there might be more from the National Association of School Lunches.



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More Time Now I’m Off Facebook?

So, I’ve just deleted the Bookmark button to Facebook and will try to stay away from there until December 1.

I hope I do better than the Milk-Free Week I tried a few weeks ago. In that case, I did become more mindful of the huge number of things I eat with milk products in them! I failed more than once but did not give up trying until the week was out.

I have Pinterest (less time-consuming and it raises my spirit with beauty and creativity) and a couple of WordPress accounts – it’s not like I’m going cold turkey off the internet.

Here’s some videos that helped to bring about this change:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmre4SeWunk&feature=related  – Close your Facebook account


http://youtu.be/ZGEQmFL9McU ~ Truth Never Told – interesting 13 minute commentary * * *

As with all addictions, I need to consciously plan to change habits and to use time more constructively.

What comes to my mind?

  • play board games with my children more than one night a week,
  • read more,
  • meditate on God’s Word (Bible),
  • chat with my husband before 10 pm,
  • deep clean my room,
  • socialise with friends,
  • type up recipes and update recipe book.

… got any other ideas?