Front Porch – Letting Go

Mother Tip – The Front Porch

From the Front Porch of our homes, we relax, socialise, and take time out. We watch. We think. We observe the neighbourhood around us. We welcome and farewell people to/from our home.

Mother Moment – “Letting Go”

In our family’s lifetime there are plenty of comings and goings.

From the time the children leave the womb, we start this process of ‘letting go’ bit-by-bit. We progressively send our children into the world. We cut the umbilical cord.

Our children learn to crawl, walk, talk, and think.

Mum, take an opportunity today to “cut the extension cord” for a moment to see what your child does. By allowing our preschoolers to make small choices in our presence, we gain greater clarity in how they will make choices in our absence.

Our children go to kindy, to school, for a sleep-over, to camp, to work. They learn to think independently of us and less and less need our input, though they don’t ever seem to cease needing the presence of their parents as a backstop – and those 16-18-20 years do go by quickly.

Like all habits, we have to practice letting go in little ways, so we’re prepared for the larger issues. What expectations can you loosen your grip on?

Mother’s Heart

Parents are to remember that their children are gift from God and their greatest responsibility is to point the way to God. – (Psalm 127:3-5; Psalm 113:9)

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