Time to Refuel

February 2008

Mother Tip – Time to Refuel

Maybe we could child-swap? You take my children for a few hours today and I take yours later in the week/ month.

Mother Moment – “Out of Service”

We live out of service buson a bus route. Every 15 minutes a bus goes one way or another. At times we notice a bus going by with the route sign stating: “Out of Service”. Wish I could have one of those signs!

As a mother with little children the demands seem never-ending. Get this, clean that, put away all that. Hug, wipe, play, wash, sort, fold, vacuum, dust, prepare, peel, clean … Yep, I feel tired just thinking about it. There are times I wish I could just hang an “Out of Service” sign on my forehead. I could then drive on by – ignore the piles of laundry, the dishes in the sink or dishwasher, the smelly things in the bathroom. The many demands of our children are important to cater for, but it can be overwhelming day after day, 24/7.

This is where a MOPS morning out can be refreshing – or getting together with a friend or two. You can share the struggles you have in this stage of life with other hormonal, sleep-deprived women with little children. You learn that you’re not alone. You learn that it is OK to ask for help. It is also acceptable to take time out to refuel yourself – and to have a Sabbath rest. You find Hope, a fresh perspective, and strength to cope for the day.

© 2008 Johanna W

Mother’s Heart

will take time out – time for self care, rest, recreation, rejuvenation – even if I have to diary it in!


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