April 2008

Mother Maxim – Tip

Practice hospitality. It’s not necessarily about the food but the warm and friendly welcome – at your place and theirs.

Mother Moment – Kitchen

– the Centre of the Home

·       See set snack times, say 10 and 3, as mini-meal times, sitting down together (Mum too). Eat healthy. A folded honey sandwich. Peeled and slivered carrot. Peanut butter smeared in thumb-sized celery sticks. Small handful of raisins or sultanas. Wash, core and sliver apples or oranges. Often when the 2-6s are saying they’re hungry, they probably really need a drink of water.

·       Keep a secret stash of “mother-comfort foods” on hand. For many people, flavoured coffee, herbal tea, chai, or chocolate does the trick. If you are calm, your calmness will rub off on other family members.

·       Cook once, eat twice – a sanity-saver. Whenever possible, double recipes or bulk with veges and freeze leftovers. Put second dinner into the freezer container BEFORE you serve out the first dinner. Knowing that a delicious meal is only minutes away makes coming home more enjoyable for everyone, especially for the designated family cook. Our household cooks a pressure cooker of potatoes on Monday, along with 2 cups rice, to reuse in various ways throughout the week. Store covered in fridge.

·       Breadmakers are wonderful not only for cheap yummy bread, but the delectable smell they spread throughout the house. If you don’t have one, try a wet loaf in a preheated oven. It’s also a good trick to help sell your house.

·       One memory that lingers for me is the smell of ginger gems coming out of the oven in my Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen. A regular treat. For you it may be fruit cooking or scented flowers that creates aroma memories.

© 2008 jmcw

Mother’s Heart

We are “the fragrance of the knowledge of God”, “the aroma of Christ” – able to speak the truth of God into all our domestic situations.

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