Cocoon – Protection

February 2008

Mother Maxim – Protecting & Guiding

Mums give nourishment and direction to children when they are small. We connect them to the world, guiding them in their choices and decisions.


Mother Moment – In the Cocoon353px-Monarch_Butterfly_Cocoon_6708

Our homes are like cocoons. We as parents spin a layer of protection around our children and provide a place where they can grow up in safety and security with a measure of naivety and innocence. Like snuggling in a sleeping bag – warm and cosy. We turn off the television and the graphic images of violence and smut. We censor the music and books that come into the house. We vet their friends and who they spend time with. We will do what is in our power to provide a wonderful childhood for our littlies.

Our homes, like cocoons, also are places of adventure and preparation. We stimulate our children’s interests to learning new things. We create safe environments in which they can experience trying and failing and trying again, and we also prepare our children for the change of growing up, older, and wiser. From the time they leave our wombs, there’s a ‘planned obsolescence’ thing going on. We start ‘letting go’ tiny bit by bit over the 18-plus years they depend on us in varying degrees. We eventually let our butterflies go and live their own life, knowing that we have done our best with the information and resources we had at the time.
In your cocoon, Pray. Pray, Pray. Surrender your children to God. Know that you don’t parent alone. God enables us to do what he requires. Live giving hope and affirmation. Foster responsibility. Listen to your children and take them seriously. Enjoy, and have fun together.

The time in the cocoon IS short.

© 2007 Johanna W, Hamilton, NZ.


Mother’s Heart

I do my very best with my children, with how things are and with the information I have at the moment. Dear Lord, protect my children and give me insight and wisdom please – and an eternal forgiving love for my spouse.


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