Experiment List

Apologia Experiment List

Experiment 1.1: Using a Biological Key

Experiment 1.2: Introduction to the Microscope

Experiment 2.1: Pond Life, Part A

Experiment 2.2: Pond Life, Part B

Experiment 3.1: Pond Life, Part C

Experiment 3.2: Subkingdom Protozoa

Experiment 3.3: Subkingdom Algae

Experiment 4.1: Phylum Basidiomycota

Experiment 4.2: Yeast and the Fermentation Process

Experiment 4.3: Moulds

Optional Experiment 4.4: Imperfect Fungi

Experiment 5.1: Diffusion

Experiment 5.2: Osmosis

Experiment 5.3: The Fragility of an Enzyme

Experiment 6.1: Cell Structure I

Experiment 6.2: Cell Structure II.

Experiment 7.1: DNA Extraction

Experiment 7.2: Mitosis

Experiment 8.1: Making Your Own Earlobe Pedigree

Experiment 8.2: A Dihybrid Cross

Experiment 8.3: Sex-Linked Genetic Traits

Experiment 8.4: Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Radish Leaf Colour

Experiment 10.1: Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect

Experiment 11.1: Observation of the Spicules of a Sponge

Experiment 11.2: Observation of a Hydra

Experiment 11.3: Earthworm Dissection

Experiment 11.3: Observation of a Planarian

Experiment 12.1: Crayfish Dissection

Experiment 12.2: Insect Classification

Experiment 13.1: Perch Dissection

Experiment 13.2: Frog Dissection

Alternate Experiment For Module #13: Field Study II

Experiment 14.1: Leaf Collection and Identification

Experiment 14.2: How Anthocyanins and pH Help Determine Leaf Color

Experiment 14.3: Cross Sections of Roots, Stems, and a Leaf

Experiment 15.1: Flower Anatomy

Experiment 15.2: Fruit Classification

Experiment 16.1: Bird Embrology

Experiment 16.2: Bird Identification

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