Children hear things

child hear

Children hear things adults say.

Written in a child’s heart. Like a curse, if negative.

Help them to hear God’s Truth and Love and Blessings.


Variation and Universality in Children’s Play

Child's Toys

Variation and Universality in Children’s Play

An article with photos about how children in different countries have different toys and different levels of sharing.



I read an article discussing phrases for encouraging children.

Here is my Pinterest board of various pics / posters that could be hung around the home, as reminders.



Mother Knows Best!

mother knows bestI’m chuckling here thinking again about last Thursday – another interesting day in our homeschooling life.

My 13 yo boy wakes up Thursday morning. This is the best day – sports action, then music (keyboard). Really good!

My 15 yo daughter is joking about ways to get out of going to Sports action (netball/ball skills), doesn’t want to go, would rather do anything else.

We’ve always made plans in one of three ways: 1. Mum+Dad make the decision (‘cos we’re the parents/adults and think, in the big scheme of things, this will be a good thing for you to do.
2. Let’s talk about the fors/againsts together, then M+D will ultimately make the decision, taking into account what you say.
3. Let’s talk about it, then you (children) make the decision, and M+D will work with you to help make it happen.

Sports was a #1 decision. You’re going, you’re going for at least two terms, you’re going to enjoy it, give it your best shot.

By the end of sports, 13 yo boy has badly bruised finger, realises he hasn’t brought his music, and is whimpering, declaring it’s a bad day, wanting to bail out on music (which he wasn’t allowed to).

15 yo girl enjoyed running around, seeing some different young people, and got complimented by the coach on her netball skills in the second game of netball she’s played. Let’s go to sports every day!

We’ll happily bundle into the van next Thursday, hopefully with the music bag, snacks and drinks …

Shows that sometimes we can listen too much to what our kids want and what they don’t.

Most times, Mother DOES know best!

10 Things A Child Says That He Needs

Simply Child-like

Learn to watch snails. Have wild imaginings. Giggle with children. Play with everything. Build a fort with blankets. Get wet. Write love letters. Simply enjoy yourself.

My Boy’s Perspective

I asked my 6 and a half year old (don’t forget the half) what Mummies needed to know about what children needed. The first few popped out easily – and we went from there.

  1. Kisses! Kiss me. Kiss Daddy.
  2. Hugs. About 20,000. In a year.
  3. Hot chocolate drinks. At the dining table. With the family.
  4. A warm bed. With lots of cosy blankets. And a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet – with matching pillow case.
  5. Don’t need lots of toys. A tow truck. A car carrier that carries four cars. Lego blocks. Car track and train track.
  6. Snowy – teddy.
  7. Need to do experiments (“experiences”). Water. Paper. A blob of detergent. Drink bottle and top. Plastic cups. String. Egg carton. Coat hanger. Metal teaspoon. A tornado maker.
  8. Crayons and colouring pencils, activity books, like Thomas TTE, Thunderbirds, join the dots, jokes and riddles.
  9. Colourful food, like carrots, peas, corn. Sometimes treats like ice cream, marshmallows, and lemon meringue cheesecake. Blue fizzy drink.
  10. Do exciting things and go on outings, like pajama rides. Go to see Christmas lights. Go to Sunday School. Kid’s Bible CDs. Story books with tapes or disks. Go to the library every Monday. Visit the beach!

The words, detail, and exclamation marks are all his.

– as told to Mummy by Nathan Whittaker, 2006

Mother’s Heart

May I pursue childlikeness, not childishness. May I be free to do – and be – simply for the enjoyment, for the now. This week I want to stare in the eyes of someone I love, linger in an embrace, and do things for fun – just ‘cos I can!

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