HS : Home Educators’ YearBook

Home Educators Yearbook

Before the year ends, here’s one way to have a record of your Homeschool year :

  1. Buy a small-medium photo album
  2. Check there are plain cards slightly smaller than the sleeve in each sleeve. This keeps pages firm, esp if no photos.
  3. Grab a camera and do some catch-up photo-taking. Capture people and places on film or disk.
  4. Front-Title page – express yourself creatively. Name – Year – Title

DOUBLE PAGES (may need more than one pair)

  1. “Class” pictures – gather up photos of friends and family you see a lot of throughout the year.
  2. Clubs + Classes – list or photos of who you do your co-op lessons with, go cycling, play music or sport …with. Reduce certificates to fit.
  3. Pictures, sketches, or list of special ‘field trips’ and outings eg. Ball, Zoo, Swimsafe …
  4. Favourites – colours, places, music, quotes, sayings, … for yourself and your friends.
  5. Academics – big learnings for the year, projects, lapbooks, countries studied … Reduce pages to fit. The size of your photo album will determine if you have a page for each month.

Those with scrapbooking tendencies could frilly it up. You could buy several albums at a time – a different colour for each child? Each year? Make it your own.

And enjoy the memories you’ve been creating all year.

– Johanna W, 2007