Getting Homeschool Organised

child rootsHow do I get organised with homeschooling?

My response:

:: What is your goal for each child by the time they are 16 or 18?

:: What skills, attitudes, character qualities would you like them to to have and to hold by that time?

:: Keep your eyes on this goal … and step-by-step see improvement through the weeks – in (for us) communication skills, public confidence, work ethic, kind and generous, etc … (according to priorities).

:: Someone else’s program for someone else’s child will probably create a rod for your back. I have read interesting programs and ideas >> pick the best bits out of them and see if they’re worth pursuing by you for your family.

:: One thing I enjoyed asking (taken from a website I now can’t find): Is Mum having fun yet? linked with:

Who’s the adult in charge? (if Dad is, then they work in with his rules which will be similar but different to Mum’s – then Mum can relax and deflect responsibility for a bit).

You’ll work it out 🙂