10 Things A Child Says That He Needs

Simply Child-like

Learn to watch snails. Have wild imaginings. Giggle with children. Play with everything. Build a fort with blankets. Get wet. Write love letters. Simply enjoy yourself.

My Boy’s Perspective

I asked my 6 and a half year old (don’t forget the half) what Mummies needed to know about what children needed. The first few popped out easily – and we went from there.

  1. Kisses! Kiss me. Kiss Daddy.
  2. Hugs. About 20,000. In a year.
  3. Hot chocolate drinks. At the dining table. With the family.
  4. A warm bed. With lots of cosy blankets. And a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet – with matching pillow case.
  5. Don’t need lots of toys. A tow truck. A car carrier that carries four cars. Lego blocks. Car track and train track.
  6. Snowy – teddy.
  7. Need to do experiments (“experiences”). Water. Paper. A blob of detergent. Drink bottle and top. Plastic cups. String. Egg carton. Coat hanger. Metal teaspoon. A tornado maker.
  8. Crayons and colouring pencils, activity books, like Thomas TTE, Thunderbirds, join the dots, jokes and riddles.
  9. Colourful food, like carrots, peas, corn. Sometimes treats like ice cream, marshmallows, and lemon meringue cheesecake. Blue fizzy drink.
  10. Do exciting things and go on outings, like pajama rides. Go to see Christmas lights. Go to Sunday School. Kid’s Bible CDs. Story books with tapes or disks. Go to the library every Monday. Visit the beach!

The words, detail, and exclamation marks are all his.

– as told to Mummy by Nathan Whittaker, 2006

Mother’s Heart

May I pursue childlikeness, not childishness. May I be free to do – and be – simply for the enjoyment, for the now. This week I want to stare in the eyes of someone I love, linger in an embrace, and do things for fun – just ‘cos I can!