2012 Word of the Year : Steadfast


I don’t get caught in the trap of New Year’s Resolutions, which are usually doomed to fail.

I choose a word, phrase, character quality, song, or idea to meditate on, practice, engage, and dialogue with throughout the year.




What it is :

Resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering
steady – firm – stable – constant – staunch – immovable
1. Fixed or unchanging; steady. Focussed.
2. Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving.

> steadfastness-brings-character-and-is-a-sign-of-maturity


Bible Verses :




What it is not :

Changing my mind

People pleasing (includes my children)


What it looks like in practice:

In a relationship : You are committed and dedicated to each other: your love is strong and it sustains your relationship through whatever life throws your way.

Learning to listen to God’s word

~ not needing to defend my parental position with my young teens

~ not feeling like I have to act/think in a particular way to gain someone else’s approval

– being aware of God’s always-love of me (makes me want to shout!!)

– knowing and knowing that my husband is on my side – yeah!

10 Hallmarks of Well-Being

Ten Hallmarks of Well-Being

1. My life has meaning & direction.

2.  I have experienced one or more important transitions in my adult years, and I have handled these transitions in an unusual, personal, or creative way.

3.  I rarely feel cheated or disappointed by life.

4.  I have already attained several of the long-term goals that are important to me.

5.  I am pleased with my personal growth and development.

6.  I am in love; my partner and I love mutually.

7.  I have many friends.

8.  I am a cheerful person.

9.  I am not thin-skinned or sensitive to criticism.

10. I have no major fears.

So, how Well is your Being, wife, mother, woman?

c 1981 Gail Sheehy, Pathfinders

10 Ways to Radically Reduce Migraines

On Migraine pages (website and social media) a huge amount of time and effort is spent on triggers and medications, but my migraines radically reduced when I changed my diet.

I can’t recommend any migraine-knowledgeable doctors/specialists in the Waikato, tho once I spent an hour and a half with a so-called migraine Dr, who spent that time just talking about the effects of different meds, including prophylactics. I don’t recommend! I have tried all the new drugs as they come out, but I still like my old-fashioned Migril / Cafergot.

Anecdotally my former doctor told me a specialist told another patient to cut out the toxins of yoghurt and apricot.

This lead me to read up on toxins > acid (20%) vs alkali (80%) foods > vegetable-rich diet (less dairy, wheat, red meat).

Along with regular sleep (minimum of 6.5-7.5 hours each night), correct deep breathing, and 6-8 drinks of filtered water (not so-called diet soda), and at least one cup daily of weak no-milk tea (green, jasmine, rooibos).

Also supplements or foods rich in magnesium, zinc, B6/B12 – at least for a few days every month – especially in the week before any known stressor.

No sachet foods or additives, no MSG, sulphites, nitrates – this would include no processed meats. I tell my kids if you can’t say and spell a word in the ingredients list, it’s best not to eat it.
Cut out MSG (E621) and other flavour enhancers, nitrates, sulphites, aspartame. For some reason, some food manufacturers find it necessary to hide and rename these products. MSG (monosodium glutamate) alone seems to hide behind dozens of identities 

Choosing to Live Life …


See more : http://www.pinterest.com/bankwhitt/4-migrainehealth/


URGENT : spelling/grammar lesson

Here’s your spelling lesson for today.

All bloggers & writers, please note :

  • Plurals do not need apostrophes.
  • Apostrophes are usually used when a letter is missing.
    eg. you’re = you are.   ‘You’re welcome to come to the party’.
    Not to be confused with ‘your’ = belonging to you, eg. your hat.
    It’s = it is. Its = belonging to it.
  • definitely – distinctly, precisely, clearly.
    There is definitely no ‘a’ in ‘definitely’!
    Please don’t confuse with ‘defiantly’ = aggressively hostile.
  • voilà = French for ‘here’. Opposite of ‘voici’.
    Not to be confused with ‘viola’ = a larger-than-violin musical instrument, or a small violet flower.

‘Tis enough for now. I’m sure there’s many more creatively spelled words that are rampant online.

Health Wisdom

“What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow.”  -Babe the Pig


Reduce foods with fat, sugars, and refined flours.




Nutritarian – not a vegetarian


eat more fruit and veges! here’s some recipes …


HS: Avoid Homeschool Burn-Out

Watch out for the notorious third term

– had winter (over it!), flus and coughs, cabin fever, getting tired,
maybe even need to re-evaluate what’s happening in the family.
Recognise the symptoms of depression (get help).
Be easy on yourself.


** Ring up a different homeschool mum/family in your district each week (or day?).
Invite them over or to a park – or invite yourselves over to their place
– take some munchies or the older kids can bake afternoon tea!
It’s important to stay face-to-face connected with each other.
Texts/emails are just not the same.

** Dance to music of all kinds.
Sketch using all sorts of media and styles.
Walk/run around a different street or park in your area each week/month.

** And repeat after me: I am a woman/parent first and foremost.
I don’t need to do ‘school at home’ in order for my children to be lovers of learning and discovery.

And I don’t need to do this alone. ♥