bimler “reeve teal” curtain

bimler “reeve teal” curtain

light background curtain fabric

bimler reeve teal curtain

Farewell iGoogle … Hello … ?

I’m searching for replacements for iGoogle.

A page that opens to find the latest news, feeds from a couple of my favourite websites – including my own.
But it won’t be there in a few days – what will I have instead?

Here’s some I’ve had recommended :: – simple, grouped, start page ** – populate the launcher with your apps – free for personal use ::

google chrome has 8 of your popular websites, but these are fluid and change and so less useful

And I have forgotten about my!yahoo ::

There’s one more I’ve had in the distant past, in New Zealand :: > might start here as my iGoogle substitute.


FYI : change your Internet browser’s default home page ::