Jo Seagar’s Pineapple Shortcake

pineapple-shortcakeBring one 455g can crushed pineapple in juice or syrup to boil (use two cans if you want a richer filling – one crushed, one pieces).

Thicken with 3T custard powder mixed to a paste with 1/4c water.

In a food processor,
cream 125g butter, 3/4c sugar,
add 1 egg and sifted 1/4c cornflour,
1 1/2c flour and 1t baking powder.

Remove half the dough and press into a shallow sponge roll tin and spread with cooled pineapple filling.

Add extra 1/4c flour (approx) to remaining dough and pulse until mixture crumbles.

Sprinkle over pineapple filling, pressing down gently. Bake for 25-30 min at 180c.

When cooked, dust with icing sugar, serve warm or cold with cream or ice-cream.

Google – Birthday Greetings

birthday google


my own birthday greetings from Google

Opinion: Finding the true essence of marriage


from 8 April 2013: Rex Ahdar is a law professor at Otago University.

Opinion: Finding the true essence of marriage |

Let Go Of Shame

adam eve shameHumans have been self-conscious since Adam and Eve.

Pride and shame have continued to be part of the structure of society ever since.

Shame leads to anger and aggression.

Unclench. Relax. Lose your pride. 

Be released and made whole, through Christ Jesus, who endured the Cross and rose again to life.

By God’s Grace, we can put off shame and rejection and put on acceptance and freedom.

Perfect Family?


No family is perfect.

Say SORRY. Many times.

Each day is a new day.



Children hear things

child hear

Children hear things adults say.

Written in a child’s heart. Like a curse, if negative.

Help them to hear God’s Truth and Love and Blessings.


Getting Homeschool Organised

child rootsHow do I get organised with homeschooling?

My response:

:: What is your goal for each child by the time they are 16 or 18?

:: What skills, attitudes, character qualities would you like them to to have and to hold by that time?

:: Keep your eyes on this goal … and step-by-step see improvement through the weeks – in (for us) communication skills, public confidence, work ethic, kind and generous, etc … (according to priorities).

:: Someone else’s program for someone else’s child will probably create a rod for your back. I have read interesting programs and ideas >> pick the best bits out of them and see if they’re worth pursuing by you for your family.

:: One thing I enjoyed asking (taken from a website I now can’t find): Is Mum having fun yet? linked with:

Who’s the adult in charge? (if Dad is, then they work in with his rules which will be similar but different to Mum’s – then Mum can relax and deflect responsibility for a bit).

You’ll work it out 🙂