No-Mess Potted Plants in your Garden

Now for something different from me …

Potted plants can be a quick way to colour your world.  But can be time-consuming and messy.

This idea I saw a glimpse of in a gardening show on television – and can’t find a trace of it online.

A cheat for a non-gardener or a time-conscious gardener …

You buy your plants in pots – perennials or annuals, no matter.

In your garden, sink the ubiquitous empty plant pots (of same or slightly bigger size as those you buy) to lip level in your garden, then place your current outside pot plants in to these pots.

Next year, just lift the old pot plants out and put in the new – with no fuss, no mess!

How easy is that. Now all I need are some photos to illustrate this.

[Feb 2013 – found this] :herbs in pots in garden


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