More Time Now I’m Off Facebook?

So, I’ve just deleted the Bookmark button to Facebook and will try to stay away from there until December 1.

I hope I do better than the Milk-Free Week I tried a few weeks ago. In that case, I did become more mindful of the huge number of things I eat with milk products in them! I failed more than once but did not give up trying until the week was out.

I have Pinterest (less time-consuming and it raises my spirit with beauty and creativity) and a couple of WordPress accounts – it’s not like I’m going cold turkey off the internet.

Here’s some videos that helped to bring about this change:  – Close your Facebook account ~ Truth Never Told – interesting 13 minute commentary * * *

As with all addictions, I need to consciously plan to change habits and to use time more constructively.

What comes to my mind?

  • play board games with my children more than one night a week,
  • read more,
  • meditate on God’s Word (Bible),
  • chat with my husband before 10 pm,
  • deep clean my room,
  • socialise with friends,
  • type up recipes and update recipe book.

… got any other ideas?

3 Responses

  1. Confession: must watch the time spent on “a relaxing game before I do” …. procrastiination, be gone! Focus, girl.

  2. Yes that FB is time consuming. I have unsubscribed to most of my contacts posts (I do like to keep abreast of my family overseas’s updates) and find that just doing that has freed up so much more time. How did you do avoiding it?

    • I check FB most days for overseas/family news, ~spend less time now on Pinterest and Houzz, ~have played a game my son likes – but being summer time with visitors and visiting, plus gardening, seems more productive!

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