Treats allowed – sort of

One of the best ways that I lost weight in the past was to use steps and stairs instead of escalators or lifts.

I ate reasonably healthily. And went for a variety of colours on my plate.

I had an occasional treat of something *ginger*, eg gingerbread, gingernuts,

but I had:

  • no cake – or biscuits/cookies and other flour-rich foods.

  • no chocolate – or sweets/candy and other sugar-rich treats.

  • no chips (hot or cold) – or fatty foods. Limit butter and oil intake.

Everything I ate slowly …

I told myself how yummy it was –

how much I was enjoying it – and

not feeling guilty about eating it at all, even if it was one of my treats. Today we would call this ‘mindfulness’.

If you’re super organised and motivated you could also write down (use a tick system is easiest) everything everything everything you eat. This helps to keep you accountable.

In the years since, I find I control weight better when I plate a few things for lunch or snack, and then sit down at the dining room table.

Above all, enjoy life and living – and eat real food (not food products).

Because stress is no good for anything, except a slow death!

So try this: no cake, no chocolate, no chips.


Christmas Wish List 2012

14  nearly 15 yo daughter

Gumboots – money for camp – burgundy or lime shoes – metal guitar strings – Avengers on DVD –  overseas travel! – long board – photography, cooking, or interior design course –

12 nearly 13 yo son

Lego sorter – drum kit – PSP – long board – Astrosaurs: The Carnivore Curse, book – go to Parachute Festival – mangoes 2 or 3 –


Some of those seem reasonable …

Your Other Mother

Pinterest is great. I love how it visually collects things I like.


The boards I’ve created to help mothers of every stage … (click on the direct links) –

Under Twos





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Education – home or school

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Almost …


Source: via Aaron on Pinterest

A bit of a homeschooling joke.


10 Things A Child Says That He Needs

Simply Child-like

Learn to watch snails. Have wild imaginings. Giggle with children. Play with everything. Build a fort with blankets. Get wet. Write love letters. Simply enjoy yourself.

My Boy’s Perspective

I asked my 6 and a half year old (don’t forget the half) what Mummies needed to know about what children needed. The first few popped out easily – and we went from there.

  1. Kisses! Kiss me. Kiss Daddy.
  2. Hugs. About 20,000. In a year.
  3. Hot chocolate drinks. At the dining table. With the family.
  4. A warm bed. With lots of cosy blankets. And a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet – with matching pillow case.
  5. Don’t need lots of toys. A tow truck. A car carrier that carries four cars. Lego blocks. Car track and train track.
  6. Snowy – teddy.
  7. Need to do experiments (“experiences”). Water. Paper. A blob of detergent. Drink bottle and top. Plastic cups. String. Egg carton. Coat hanger. Metal teaspoon. A tornado maker.
  8. Crayons and colouring pencils, activity books, like Thomas TTE, Thunderbirds, join the dots, jokes and riddles.
  9. Colourful food, like carrots, peas, corn. Sometimes treats like ice cream, marshmallows, and lemon meringue cheesecake. Blue fizzy drink.
  10. Do exciting things and go on outings, like pajama rides. Go to see Christmas lights. Go to Sunday School. Kid’s Bible CDs. Story books with tapes or disks. Go to the library every Monday. Visit the beach!

The words, detail, and exclamation marks are all his.

– as told to Mummy by Nathan Whittaker, 2006

Mother’s Heart

May I pursue childlikeness, not childishness. May I be free to do – and be – simply for the enjoyment, for the now. This week I want to stare in the eyes of someone I love, linger in an embrace, and do things for fun – just ‘cos I can!

10 Hallmarks of Well-Being

Ten Hallmarks of Well-Being

1. My life has meaning & direction.

2.  I have experienced one or more important transitions in my adult years, and I have handled these transitions in an unusual, personal, or creative way.

3.  I rarely feel cheated or disappointed by life.

4.  I have already attained several of the long-term goals that are important to me.

5.  I am pleased with my personal growth and development.

6.  I am in love; my partner and I love mutually.

7.  I have many friends.

8.  I am a cheerful person.

9.  I am not thin-skinned or sensitive to criticism.

10. I have no major fears.

So, how Well is your Being, wife, mother, woman?

c 1981 Gail Sheehy, Pathfinders

10 Ways to Radically Reduce Migraines

On Migraine pages (website and social media) a huge amount of time and effort is spent on triggers and medications, but my migraines radically reduced when I changed my diet.

I can’t recommend any migraine-knowledgeable doctors/specialists in the Waikato, tho once I spent an hour and a half with a so-called migraine Dr, who spent that time just talking about the effects of different meds, including prophylactics. I don’t recommend! I have tried all the new drugs as they come out, but I still like my old-fashioned Migril / Cafergot.

Anecdotally my former doctor told me a specialist told another patient to cut out the toxins of yoghurt and apricot.

This lead me to read up on toxins > acid (20%) vs alkali (80%) foods > vegetable-rich diet (less dairy, wheat, red meat).

Along with regular sleep (minimum of 6.5-7.5 hours each night), correct deep breathing, and 6-8 drinks of filtered water (not so-called diet soda), and at least one cup daily of weak no-milk tea (green, jasmine, rooibos).

Also supplements or foods rich in magnesium, zinc, B6/B12 – at least for a few days every month – especially in the week before any known stressor.

No sachet foods or additives, no MSG, sulphites, nitrates – this would include no processed meats. I tell my kids if you can’t say and spell a word in the ingredients list, it’s best not to eat it.
Cut out MSG (E621) and other flavour enhancers, nitrates, sulphites, aspartame. For some reason, some food manufacturers find it necessary to hide and rename these products. MSG (monosodium glutamate) alone seems to hide behind dozens of identities 

Choosing to Live Life …


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