HS: Another ‘Week’ Homeschooling at BankWhitt Academy

Friday 1 June 2012

It’s after 1am Saturday but Friday started too soon. Stuffed in the nose and head. Made some saline solution with baking soda.

And am really struggling with the Chemistry, quanta/quantum, lazy electrons, atomic structure, particles, photons and protons. Bit much really.

Slept in the afternoon then watched some telly > ChoiceTV Channel 12 with its Home and Garden programmes.

Children went off to Word of Life. probably should go to bed now. Chores await when I awake!

Saturday 2 June 2012

Up at 8am, did an hour of gardening in west kitchen garden > geums, bulbs, etc – only a metre but another bag filled.

Corned silverside into crockpot with onions and carrots. Chores done.

Late lunch. Joce came for a visit. Went for massage at Zhang’s in the Mall ($25 for neck, shoulders, and back), then I wandered for a bit before home and tea.

Meal/meat lovely – just missing the white sauce … tomorrow!

Catan games. Bed about 11pm.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Went to Excel Performance at Central Baptist today – great harmonies, tight show. Well done.

From one of the songs: I glorify the One who died for me.

A quote: I forgive you. No shame. No blame.

Barry Barker? spoke at end – talked of … when climbing the ladder, make sure it is against the right wall.

Relaxed, telly, Catan.

Monday 4 June 2012

About midnight again. Queen’s Birthday holiday today.

Up slow. Had table time with the chn while Mark ironed his shirts.

Art books – drew circles and lines and considered the works of P.Mondrian, FLWright, and W.Kandinsky.

Also did Flying Monkeys on LifeSkills101 – BBB means? (breakfast, bedroom, bathroom), chores/tasks included. Was enlightening and shows me the chn can parrot what I’ve said to them – now all we need is for them to put these things in to practice. 🙂

G+N went out to the orchard, where Sarah lives, and picked apples, had tea, played some games.

Home a bit late at about 10.20pm. Mark and I visited G+N.E for afternoon tea, then home for mince that G had left for us.

Also able to put some ‘tea’ pots in to freezer for when we(3)’re away and Mark is at home.

Wed 6 June 2012

Slowly making progress on packing bags, mending things, sorting life, and getting people where they’re meant to be.

Hadn’t accounted for Mark’s movements yesterday and totally misjudged the day. Felt like I “didn’t get anything done”.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Another couple of days pottering towards the goal of getting in the car about Tuesday lunchtime for 16 days down south.

Computer, food box, household gear, schoolbag, getting 3x suitcase closed.

Just 3x sewing – zip in NJs jacket, shoulder seams sewn in Gs dress, and hem on mine.

Out to Raglan for Peter K’s baptism tomorrow – brr!

~ Had 3x games of Catan today with the children.

Pizza made by G for tea, with custard on crunch topped with fruit following.

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