Tu 19 – Th 28 – Queenstown

Right in the middle of Queenstown’s Winter Festival, but we’re here for my niece’s wedding on the 23rd.


didn’t see the sun today

Mon 18 – Franz Josef to Wanaka

Have been looking forward to this day – the middle part of S.H.6

But Nathan and I were a bit crook and so decided to miss some side tracks we were planning on walking. 😦

Instead, the weather closed in and got colder and colder ….

then it started snowing.

How magical! complete with lunch by a large open fireplace at Makarora. 🙂

Sun 17 – Hokitika to Franz Josef

fine morning with partially red sky, crunchy underfoot. N12 froze his flannel last night. Went to town (Hokitika) and the only people in town except for a few shopkeepers. Gold shop, paua shop, jade shop, jade shop, craft shop, jade shop. Bought nothing but it was interesting looking anyway. One company uses BC, Canada, Jade, the other main carvers have about 5 years supply left of Jade from the west coast hills.

Down the Alpine Faultline to Franz Josef with stops for a few or more photos of snow capped mountains etc. Glorious day, though weather seems to be closing in a bit.

Sat 16 – Westport to Hokitika

West Coast



Fri 15 – Picton to Westport

Brunch at Blenheim with ‘old’ friends

Thu 14 – Palmy to Picton

crossing on the ferry



Wed 13 – Taupo to Palmy

another glorious fine day, tho crunchy around the edges. Getting used to driving intercity again – Dad and I split the driving so have only done a 2hour max stretch so far. Getting accustomed to the cooler climate – another layer of woollies each day! What will I look like by the time we’ve travelled down the West Coast and arrived in Queenstown?! Michelin Tyre Man.