HS: Sample Week in a Homeschooling Home

Friday 25 May 2012

Tamati Coffey (TV1 morning weather guy) introduced Hamilton Community Gospel Choir on TV1 Breakfast Show for their 30 seconds of fame singing “Lovely Day”. Grace in the front row; Mark in the back.

All Petra Bagust was interested in was their Paua wraps (tops).

27 May 2012

another migraine. when i bend over my brain feels like it’s falling out. still up after midnight. sinus issues still too. bit down, but boxing on.

28 May 2012

^ Homeschool Activity – Today :
~ 3x cups, 3x plates (2 sizes) – consider colour, pattern, design. Stack eg as an afternoon tea ‘tower’.
~ Character quality – dictation : Flexibility opp. resistance.
~ 10 mentals – x10, percentage of
~ w/Grace – scanned through 4x English texts > increase word power (Rdrs Digest), work with poetry, comprehension, short stories
~ Grace – set up study desk by fridge in dining room
~ Nathan – practiced printing clear numbers on whiteboard
~ peeled, chopped, grated, froze veges > 1x soup bag, 3x stir fry bags, 2x stew bags. What a team!
~ Sausage satay casserole for dinner, using one of the stew bags.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

~ Made a sausage (satay) casserole and put in the freezer for the South Island in a couple of weeks.

~ Choir for Grace. Petrol + Groceries with NJ. Nathan had a piano lesson with Alison.

~ I Bo.lted some excellent homeschool resources. Getting a useful collection on there now.
~ Also watched a safety film on riding a segway! About $100 to hire in Queenstown.
~ watched some design programs on Choice TV. Bed at 11.22pm.

31 May 2012

Thursday is about done! already. Found some pages on Atoms for G’s Chemistry class. 2 loads of washing out.

Bert + Barbara popped in for a cuppa and catch-up. Made pumpkin-based soup. Lunch.

Kids did science and maths.

Yesterday organised a bookcase for Mark’s books – he’s pleased. Not sure what was achieved today – certainly winter is here … and it can be quite chilly in the mornings.

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