Some Recent Links

HOMESCHOOLING – Strewing – the art of leaving interesting things in your environment for your children to find and interact with. – lesson plans, worksheets, printable generators = their Facebook page

NZ HOMESCHOOLING – NZ home education support groups. Check out rest of website, especailly if new to homeschooling. – Homeschooled NZ Facebook page – thesis – “Parental Choice and Education – Homeschooling in NZ”

NZ CONSERVATION – natural and historic – again trim the URL >

MATHS + SCIENCE – 1600+ videos of maths, science, and “other stuff” – activities etc – The Making of a Masterpiece – baby development

HISTORY – a week in history (hournal) – trim back the URL for a look at the website. – as it says

WRITING – guidelines to help getting started with writing

READING – Mrs Meachem’s Emergent Readers – scroll down or f7 search page

GENERAL – mix of subject areas : – aimed for special needs children, but great resources for under twelves. All sorts of age/activity generators. One of my first homeschool favourite websites. *** – general, making powerpoint games … – Basement Workshop – Learning Activities

Enjoy your days learning with your children!

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