Advent Calendar – jw2

With Your Children at Christmastime


5. Put up your Christmas tree – get everyone around to decorate it.

6. Teach the children about St. Nicklaus, the generous 4th century Turkish bishop.

7. Set up the Nativity scene – remember Baby Jesus isn’t there yet, nor the Kings.

8. Christmas is a season – not just one day.

9. Simplify. Alter traditions to suit YOU and YOUR family. Simplify.

10. Put aside (hide) or make biscuits and other treats to put in the freezer now.

11. Invite your neighbours over for a barbecue – be as lights in the world.

12. Have a gift card making session with your children, maybe invite some friends over.

13. Wrap the presents and place in a ‘safe’ place.

14. Make an Advent chain with 10 loops of paper and countdown – take off one each night and read the Bible verses or love notes (from God) you’ve written inside.

15. Together recall the enjoyable memories of Christmas past.

16. Sing carols or put on a music tape to play through the day.

17. Sit outside in the countryside on a fine dark night silently. Think of the shepherds, angels, Mary waiting.

18. Have a family only (half-) day to sit and be and do. Relax – in the park, on the beach.

19. Have an Advent candle lighting ceremony.

20. Go on a pyjama ride with the littlies to see the Christmas lights.

21. Oohh! The anticipation – Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Light, is coming.

22. Visit or volunteer at an old folks’ home, women’s refuge, Night shelter.

23. Watch a Christmas video or DVD with your children, telling the story of Jesus’ birth.

24. O Holy Night, … the weary world rejoices for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Sing this carol or check out the various versions on YouTube.

25. Happy Birthday, Jesus – Emmanuel, God born as man. Who is coming to your party?

Shalom, God is with us!

© 2004, by Johanna Whittaker for MOPS (NZ) Inc.

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