Anger + Gratitude

Anger + Gratitude

And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil. ~ Ephesians 4:26-27

Mother Moment

Attitudes of Anger and Gratitude

We growl at the children for ‘not getting it right’ after being told ‘a hundred times’ and we snip at our husband for not seeing that we’re tired and need their help. We expect things that may not be reasonable considering we get things wrong too.

Communicate your anger constructively rather than holding it inward to fester. Anger at unpleasant circumstances in your (earlier) life may be lurking behind your ‘over-reactions’. Learn how to express your anger in healthy ways, rather than suppressing it or using it aggressively against others. When you effectively channel energy from your anger, it won’t cause anxiety in your life.  

But in the comings and goings of family life, we need to consciously get purposeful about dealing with unmet expectations, frustrations, and disappointments.

This week, I am challenging each of us with an assignment (myself included). The next time we feel anger rising up -STOP yourself – bite your tongue, hold your hand over your mouth, walk away, do whatever it takes – and ask yourself what expectation did I have of this person that was not met.

Then try – really try – to refocus your thought on what you can be thankful for. With practice (and we get many opportunities) we really can have an attitude of gratitude. Maybe as you fall to sleep, think again of a few things for the day and in your children/spouse to be grateful for.

Mother’s Heart

What is really happening? What am I believing? when I over-react or `blow’.
May I get to the heart of the matter and not spill the lava from my inner volcano over my family.
May I deal with the anger and rubbish for each day on each day.
Lord, have mercy on me.

Gratitude Activities

• For one day, recognise the gifts of words and deeds you receive and take a moment to feel grateful; on another day add some expression of your gratitude. What are some differences?
• Take a walk and count the gifts God in nature gives you daily. Make a list, and share your observations with family or friends.
• What was the best advice someone ever gave you? Send the giver a postcard acknowledging the effects of that gift. Be specific.
• Make a list of your 10 most valued material possessions. For what would you trade them?
• Create a mind map of all the gifts in your life. A mind map is a shape divided into all the sub-components – such as physical, emotional, cognitive, material, and spiritual gifts.


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Tell your children and your favourite people that you love and care about them,

Blessings on each one of you, dear Readers, as you journey through the imperfections of Life,


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