Tomorrow Starts Today – Day of Rest

Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it

(Hebrew: Zakhor et yom ha-Shabbat l’kad’sho)   – Exodus 20:8

Mother Moment

– Tomorrow Starts Tonight

With little children around, you can get busy – so busy you may even forget to rest and nurture yourself.

God gave the Jews the right idea and I wish I had practiced this from the beginning. Your Day of Rest starts the night before. Pre-prepare your food, lay out clothes, and organise anything for the following day before sundown. Then your Day of Rest is really a DAY of REST. This rushing around, getting organised for church, and bustling here and there I don’t think is really what God had in mind for our day of rest (Sunday?).

Shabbat (Hebrew:  shabbatshabbos; “rest” or “cessation”) is the seventh day of the Jewish week and a day of rest in JudaismShabbat is observed from sundown Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. It recalls the Biblical Creation account inGenesis, describing God creating the Heavens and the Earth in six days, and resting on and sanctifying the seventh (Genesis 1:1-2:3).

Sabbath (Shabbat) in the Bible is considered a festive day, a weekly day of rest and time of worship, when a person is freed from the regular labours of everyday life, can contemplate the spiritual aspects of life, and can spend time with family. It is the only ritual observance instituted in the Ten Commandments. Traditionally, on that day three festive meals are eaten — on Shabbat-eve, at lunch, and as an end-of-Shabbat evening meal. It is observed differently in Judaism and Christianity.

Do more reading on this – maybe even explore having a Shabbat meal with friends. A meal of Blessing. Awaiting the Bride – the Sabbath. A day to celebrate God, His earth – and the fulness of it.


Mother’s Heart

May I give thought as to how to better enjoy my Day of Rest. This is important for me as a mum.




Mother’s Day ~ every day

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