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For MUMSense Magazine, NZ, (c) April 2009

Living Each Day of Your Life

“What a wonderful world!”

“Life is for living.”

It’s a great day, a beautiful day;
The kind of day that makes you want to say
“I’m glad that I’m alive”,
I’m happy to be me,
and that’s the way to be … (thanks, Barney).

As much as I liked my children watching Barney, that purple dinosaur on TV and videos, sometimes he and his singing-dancing friends were just too chirpy and cheerful.

At least once in the days when I was surrounded by the never-ending piles of laundry and the cleaning, wiping burping cycle of existence, I said, “I hate my life”.

I didn’t feel blessed with a home, a committed supportive husband and two lovely little cherubs. But after some hugs and kind words about being a good mum and wife from my husband, I got better, well, saw life differently.

I changed some expectations I held, especially as they really belonged to other people.

So, my house wasn’t a picture out of “Our Home and Garden”, at least the lounge had clear seats to sit on. So, shirts didn’t get ironed more than once a month and DH had to iron his own, they had been washed and hung up.

To remind myself of what I had achieved in the roundabout (or was it a Trabant, that twirling roundabout you get strapped in to that goes up and down as well!), I jotted in my diary the things I did do. There was a repetitive pattern to them with nothing noticeably startling like from my working days. But there was sufficient in those daily notes to remind myself that I was a ‘good mum’ of littlies – cleaning, playing, book time “reading”, feeding, visitors, and – a highlight in my social calendar – going to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

Life changes over the years – so do our children. And so do we as mums.

Choosing a healthy and positive perspective helps us get through.

Do what you can. Enjoy your days!
Johanna W
President, MOPS (NZ) Inc.

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