MM : Suggestions for New Parents – after baby born

Suggestions for new parents

After Baby is Born

1.    After 4-6 weeks the answerphone message went: “Thank you for calling Mark and Johanna. We’re probably attending to G… right now. Please ring back in 10 minutes or leave a message after the beep.”

2.    Keep all ‘proof of purchase’ barcodes. You never know when a free or cheap ‘something’ might be offered in baby books like “little Treasures” or in promotional material.

3.    Here is one way to set up baby’s clothing drawers:
Top Drawer 1. Nappies and liners.
2. Current age group or sized clothing eg. 0-3 months.
3. –6 mths.               
4. Woollies.
5. -12 mths.              
Bottom drawer 6. 18+ months.
Leave the woollies drawer at #4. When most of the 0-3 mth clothing is too small, put that drawer to the bottom and bring the other drawers up to the next space.

4.    Write the sizings of the clothing on the top lip of the drawer.
0-3      / 000     / 62 cm          / 6 kg
3-6      / 00     / 68 cm          / 8 kg
6-12     / 0     / 80 cm          / 10 kg

5.    Don’t rely on the stated sizing of clothing. Measure against your baby and against other brands. Then put in the appropriate drawer.

6.    Another [smaller] set of drawers may be set up like:
Top 1. Booties, sox, mittens.     
2. Off-season current-sized clothing.
3. Sheets, wraps.                           
4. Cloths, bibs.
5. Hats, beanies, bonnets.          
Bottom 6. Clothes too small, not wanted.

 (c) Johanna W, NZ, May 1998, six months after my first child was born.

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