MM : Suggestions for New Parents – first 4 weeks

Suggestions for new parents

When Baby is Born – first four weeks

1.    Have a soft cloth beanie for straight after delivery.

2.    Don’t push your darling little bundle of delight on to anyone else. Grandmas seem to be the exception, but older men and singles especially – ask first and invite them if they’d like to hold your baby.

3.    Most baby gifts come in the month after baby is born.

4.    Have a blackboard that you put outside the main entrance for those first 3-6 weeks – “Mother and baby are sleeping. Please leave a note or come back in an hour. Thanks.”

5.    Do NOT be afraid or too polite to ask any of your visitors to leave or to help you with a job, like hanging up the washing or tidying a room.

6.    Especially in the first 6-8 weeks, have a list of little chores to do for visitors who come for more than half an hour. [We’re serious!]

7.    Invest in an answerphone, so you can hear the messages left. This saves you having to rush to the phone when bathing, dressing, feeding baby or when sleeping or too knackered!

8.    Our answerphone message in the first month went: “We have a baby girl called G…., born on Saturday 1 December. Please leave your name and number after the beep and we’ll get back to you. Bye.”

9.    Sticky tape greetings cards onto baby’s room door.

10.  Nappy liners [1-3] make useful reuseable washcloths.

11.  A basket on top of baby’s clothes drawers holds together: creams, lotions, scissors or snips [to cut clothing labels], Pamol [paracetamol], Infacol [for colic], pen, gift record book, hair brush, talc, cotton buds.

12.  Extras for your baby’s room may include: musical cube or mobile [if you like Brahms’ Lullaby]; black, white, and red shapes or toys for newborns; draped string to hang cards on.

13.  Tick ‘yes’ for all free samples of products.

(c) Johanna W, Hn, NZ,  May 1998, six months after my first child was born.

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