MM : Suggestions from New Parents – Clothes + Visits

Suggestions from new parents


1.     The best type of booties are woollen, square-topped ones with a good length up the leg.


2.     Our baby is an unique individual with her own emerging personality – please don’t tell the parents who the baby looks like.

3.     Consider how the mother feels when she hears “Oh, baby’s like her father” all day every day.


4.     The best kind of visitors in the first 6-8 weeks are ones that appear with muffins or meals and visit for less than half an hour, unless helping to fold or iron the washing or clean the bathroom.

5.     Don’t jiggle my baby or pat her on the back. An occasional gentle rub on the back [careful of her developing spine] or pats on the bottom are ok.

6.     Please ask permission to pick up my baby before you pick her up. I might want her to rest or sleep without being handled.

(c) Johanna W, Hn, NZ, May 1998, six months after my first child was born

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