MM : Suggestions from New Parents – Gifts

Suggestions from new parents


1.     Please don’t give my baby girl all pink things – if for no other reason than we [the parents] get bored dressing her in pink all the time. [Nor boy blue things]

2.     Really useful gifts are bibs, socks [not booties], and facecloths.

3.     A good idea for a gift is to give six month or one year old clothing for the next season. Besides one of my babies had a long back and needed bigger than newborn clothing.

4.     Other baby gift ideas could be books for all stages – cloth, plastic, thick cardboard, big clear pictures, storybooks, colours, shapes, letters or words.

5.     One of my favourite gifts for baby was a generous-sized pair of multi-coloured knitted ‘boots’ that stayed on my baby’s active 3-6+ month old feet.


1.     Useful baby cards are top-folded so they can hang on a draped string with bold clear shapes and colours that baby’s eyes can focus onto.

2.     Give a colourful book with clear pictures instead of a card. Books are probably a similar size and price and more useful than a card.

3.     Art cards that fit in standard sized picture frames are a great [and more practical] alternative to a ‘baby’ card.

(c) Johanna W, NZ, May 1998, six months after my first child was born.

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