MM : Suggestions for New Parents – BC

Suggestions for new parents

Before Baby is Born

1.     Don’t rush out and buy baby clothes or equipment before baby is born, especially if it’s your first child.

2.     Essential baby clothing items are envelope necked singlets [un/-domed, long- / short-sleeved], disposable nappies [even if using cloth nappies], soft wash cloths, and 2-3 [brushed] cotton wraps.

3.     Have a car seat [maybe hired] organised about 3-4 weeks before due date. Practice getting it in before baby is born! Who wants half an hour fiddling by the kerbside on release from hospital?

4.     Essential baby’s room items are drawer set, spare bed or table, changing pad, cot, rubbish tin.

5.     Be familiar before baby is born with the cost of essential items and put money aside in a “Child’s Capital Account” for any purchases needed after the gifts have come in.

(c) Johanna W, Hn, NZ. May 1998, six months after my first child was born.

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MM : Suggestions from New Parents – Clothes + Visits

Suggestions from new parents


1.     The best type of booties are woollen, square-topped ones with a good length up the leg.


2.     Our baby is an unique individual with her own emerging personality – please don’t tell the parents who the baby looks like.

3.     Consider how the mother feels when she hears “Oh, baby’s like her father” all day every day.


4.     The best kind of visitors in the first 6-8 weeks are ones that appear with muffins or meals and visit for less than half an hour, unless helping to fold or iron the washing or clean the bathroom.

5.     Don’t jiggle my baby or pat her on the back. An occasional gentle rub on the back [careful of her developing spine] or pats on the bottom are ok.

6.     Please ask permission to pick up my baby before you pick her up. I might want her to rest or sleep without being handled.

(c) Johanna W, Hn, NZ, May 1998, six months after my first child was born

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MM : Suggestions from New Parents – Gifts

Suggestions from new parents


1.     Please don’t give my baby girl all pink things – if for no other reason than we [the parents] get bored dressing her in pink all the time. [Nor boy blue things]

2.     Really useful gifts are bibs, socks [not booties], and facecloths.

3.     A good idea for a gift is to give six month or one year old clothing for the next season. Besides one of my babies had a long back and needed bigger than newborn clothing.

4.     Other baby gift ideas could be books for all stages – cloth, plastic, thick cardboard, big clear pictures, storybooks, colours, shapes, letters or words.

5.     One of my favourite gifts for baby was a generous-sized pair of multi-coloured knitted ‘boots’ that stayed on my baby’s active 3-6+ month old feet.


1.     Useful baby cards are top-folded so they can hang on a draped string with bold clear shapes and colours that baby’s eyes can focus onto.

2.     Give a colourful book with clear pictures instead of a card. Books are probably a similar size and price and more useful than a card.

3.     Art cards that fit in standard sized picture frames are a great [and more practical] alternative to a ‘baby’ card.

(c) Johanna W, NZ, May 1998, six months after my first child was born.

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