MM : I Love MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Handy Home-made Toys – bottles, shakers, books, shapes

Terrific Tips

Children and Chores – teaching responsibility. Start as you intend to carry on. Laughing

The MOPS Story – where it started

off the website: “What MOPS has provided for me… is a welcome break; a chance to make new friends; the opportunity to know I’m not the only mom who goes through the struggles and joys of raising young children…”

“If I had 30 minutes to do anything I liked, I’d …” – aah! Scroll down for more responses to different situations.

Resources for mothers provided by MOPS.

When stressed, women “Tend and Befriend” whereas men “Fight or Flight” – is there life after MOPS?

Is there a MOPS group near you?
Visit and search for a group in LHS box.
In New Zealand, check out :  

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