MM : MOPS and Homeschooling

I enjoyed MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) when my children were under 6yo and now we home educate (homeschool).

How do these two worlds meet online?

These are some results from searching “homeschool MOPS mother“:

“… I remember at a MOPS convention I went to years ago, Elisa Morgan showed a picture of a shriveled up juice box with straws sticking out of it all over, and she asked, “Is this what you feel like??” I just wanted to cry! I was that sucked-dry juice box! To this day that image pops into my mind from time to time. …” – read reneejohnsonpa “I love MOPS” near top of comments; and jhaaa “Friends for life” toward bottom – use ctrl+f7 and search for the word MOPS.

It grieves my heart when MOPS groups have waiting lists. This should not be. There MUST be another solution, eg night MOPS, or MOPS and POPS Saturday/Sunday afternoons (Dads as MOPPETS helpers??), or plant another group, or extending the friendship network. MOPS is more than the morning meeting!! Lord, send us willing leaders and “grandmas” with a heart and a passion for supporting and BEING supportive with mothers of preschoolers in these hard days (and nights!). – this would be true globally. Great idea – homeschooling 10+yos being MOPPETS helpers. – homeschools and MOPS prayer co-ordinator – MOPPET helper – me

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