FF : URGENT spelling lesson

Here’s your spelling lesson for today.   Cool

Yes, this is filed under Fellowship or Friendship Friday. A tenuous link but since blogging and writing online is a kind of community, it gets put here.

All bloggers & writers, please note :

  • Plurals do not need apostrophes.
  • Apostrophes are usually used when a letter is missing.
    eg. you’re = you are.   ‘You’re welcome to come to the party’.
    Not to be confused with ‘your’ = belonging to you, eg. your hat.
    It’s = it is. Its = belonging to it.
  • definitely – distinctly, precisely, clearly.
    There is definitely no ‘a’ in ‘definitely’!
    Please don’t confuse with ‘defiantly’ = aggressively hostile.
  • voila = French for ‘here’. Opposite of ‘voici’.
    Not to be confused with ‘viola’ = a larger-than-violin musical instrument, or a small violet flower.

 ‘Tis enough for now. I’m sure there’s many more creatively spelled words that are rampant online.


3 Responses

  1. ‘Then’ means not now. ‘Than’ goes along with another discriptor: greater than, less than, etc.

  2. Voila! I haven’t worked out how to type the French accent – and decided that since it’s commonly used in English, that I could omit it.


    The other ones I’ve seen are incorrect it’s & its usage (drives me NUTS), excessive apostropes
    (or apostrope’s) and WALLAH used for voila (and the a should even have an accent).

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