MM : MOPS and Homeschooling

I enjoyed MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) when my children were under 6yo and now we home educate (homeschool).

How do these two worlds meet online?

These are some results from searching “homeschool MOPS mother“:

“… I remember at a MOPS convention I went to years ago, Elisa Morgan showed a picture of a shriveled up juice box with straws sticking out of it all over, and she asked, “Is this what you feel like??” I just wanted to cry! I was that sucked-dry juice box! To this day that image pops into my mind from time to time. …” – read reneejohnsonpa “I love MOPS” near top of comments; and jhaaa “Friends for life” toward bottom – use ctrl+f7 and search for the word MOPS.

It grieves my heart when MOPS groups have waiting lists. This should not be. There MUST be another solution, eg night MOPS, or MOPS and POPS Saturday/Sunday afternoons (Dads as MOPPETS helpers??), or plant another group, or extending the friendship network. MOPS is more than the morning meeting!! Lord, send us willing leaders and “grandmas” with a heart and a passion for supporting and BEING supportive with mothers of preschoolers in these hard days (and nights!). – this would be true globally. Great idea – homeschooling 10+yos being MOPPETS helpers. – homeschools and MOPS prayer co-ordinator – MOPPET helper – me

FF: Biblical Feasts and Holidays

Boker tov – click on the blue titles for more. See also the LHS link to learning Hebrew. – pdf, excerpts – various articles. See also LHS links to individual feasts and holidays. – check also rest of this website for Hebrew references and articles. – church year – scroll down and click on blue links



FF : URGENT spelling lesson

Here’s your spelling lesson for today.   Cool

Yes, this is filed under Fellowship or Friendship Friday. A tenuous link but since blogging and writing online is a kind of community, it gets put here.

All bloggers & writers, please note :

  • Plurals do not need apostrophes.
  • Apostrophes are usually used when a letter is missing.
    eg. you’re = you are.   ‘You’re welcome to come to the party’.
    Not to be confused with ‘your’ = belonging to you, eg. your hat.
    It’s = it is. Its = belonging to it.
  • definitely – distinctly, precisely, clearly.
    There is definitely no ‘a’ in ‘definitely’!
    Please don’t confuse with ‘defiantly’ = aggressively hostile.
  • voila = French for ‘here’. Opposite of ‘voici’.
    Not to be confused with ‘viola’ = a larger-than-violin musical instrument, or a small violet flower.

 ‘Tis enough for now. I’m sure there’s many more creatively spelled words that are rampant online.

ThTh : Dead, Deconstruction

Here’s a few unrelated links to things that caught my mind-eye:

Now I know where to find my Nana. – fill in the name of the deceased in the boxes provided and their listing and map for the Hamilton cemetery will come up. – maps

An utterly fascinating illustration of this duping of ourselves is the latest arts building opened at Ohio State University, the Wexner Center for the Performing Arts, another one of our chimerical exploits in the name of intellectual advance. Newsweek branded this building “America’s first deconstructionist building.” It’s white scaffolding, red brick turrets, and Colorado grass pods evoke a double take.

But puzzlement only intensifies when you enter the building, for inside you encounter stairways that go nowhere, pillars that hang from the ceiling without purpose, and angled surfaces configured to create a sense of vertigo. The architect, we are duly informed, designed this building to reflect life itself-senseless and incoherent- and the “capriciousness of the rules that organize the built world.”

When the rationale was explained to me, I had just one question: Did he do the same with the foundation?

The laughter in response to my question unmasked the double standard our deconstructionists espouse. And that is precisely the double standard of atheism! It is possible to dress up and romanticize our bizarre experiments in social restructuring while disavowing truth or absolutes. But one dares not play such deadly games with the foundations of good thinking.
– Ravi Zacharias

Google images :
Problems with the ‘deconstruction’ building :

Seeking to build solid foundations …

WW : Kiwi Home Educators’ Blogs

 New Zealand home educators are online. NZ scene

Here’s some that I found: (expanded & republished) – Ang – Cate – Christina – Colleen – Craig Barbara – Cynthia  NZ – Darnia – ‘J’s Mum’ – jaybee – Jen – Johanna – Kate – Leanne – Maree – Marilyn – Melody – Rachel L, Ak – Rachel L, Chch – Rachel R – Raewyn, top SI – Sandra – Sharon – Shell, Wn – ‘Sherena’

I shall keep looking – and adding … – – Chch

MM : Developing Positive Parents and Children

Useful articles in raising children – and training them: – 9 things instead of spanking – 10 keys to successful parenting

ThTh : Enough Chaos

Create a Sense of Serenity

There’s enough chaos in the world, but you can instead create serenity in your personal world. Here are 7 easy ideas:

1. Get rid of one thing. If the prospect of ridding your entire house of clutter seems to be am impossible feat, make it your goal to get rid of just one thing you don’t need each day.

2. Clear the clutter out of your vehicle. Get rid of candy wrappers, soda cans, old papers, magazines and other trash on a daily basis.

3. Eliminate the chaos from your desk. The surface of your desk should be free of all papers and other debris to set the stage for productivity and creative thinking.

4. Wake up earlier. Stop rushing around each day. Wake up earlier so you have enough time to relax with a cup of coffee, to step outside and breathe in the fresh air or to read a chapter in your favorite inspirational book.

5. Dedicate 30 minutes to You. Schedule no less than 30 minutes each day to do something you love. Keep that appointment, just as you would any other important one.

6. Make your bedroom a restful haven. Every morning, make your bed right after you get up. Remove the piles of paper. Clear off the dresser tops. Put any dirty clothes in the laundry room. Remove the dusty stuff stored under the bed and get rid of anything you no longer need. When you’re ready to go to bed at night, you should be able to do so in a peaceful, uncluttered place.

7. Sprinkle in some rewards. Many people agonise just trying to get through their To Do lists. To make your day more fulfilling, while still getting things done, sprinkle rewards throughout your day. For example, take 10 minutes to do something you enjoy after every single task you complete. – August 2006

I hope you noticed that I tagged this “future” – one day this may be the reality in my home! It’s good to remind myself.

Are there any homeschoolers who are immaculate cleanies??