ThTh : Of Kings and Leadership

God in the beginning didn’t want Israel to have a king, but the people nagged him, so they got a king. One by one most of them failed – and even David showed his human frailty.

The pressure and scrutiny on people in leadership is intense and it’s not for the faint-hearted. So people want a leader, but it seems to me that that just takes the heat off the individuals for making their own decisions and being responsible for what they do. We see this in schools, churches, and government.

Our family homeschools. We take responsibility as to what part of the NZ curriculum we do – or not. Our family does the 3Rs plus ‘religion’, research, and real life. The children learn what to do and how to do it, learning the process and the content.

We do not have a timetable or a predetermined plan – more a menu from which to choose. We have a theme for the term, selected by the children, which colours what they do and learn. My 10yo is at the stage where she can decide what to do each day and achieve a longer term goal of completing a lapbook (a creatively presented unit study project).

In churches, the congregation tends to sit in the pews soaking up the entertainment and words from the front. What thought or direct worship with God comes from the masses as individuals? We make the pastors/preachers into ‘kings’ – weakening the personal responsibility of the individual for their own relationship with God. And then it’s not uncommon for the masses to turn on and criticise or judge the leaders (maybe rightly, possibly not). This is partly why our family is seeking meeting with Christians who will “bring a word” or Psalm, sing a song, exercise their God-given gifts, and all contribute towards a corporate collective expression of faith. No ‘kings’, no ‘king-makers’, except the King of Kings.

Glorify Him!

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