MM : Put YOUR oxygen mask on first

At the beginning of this book: “Oxygen : Deep Breathing for the Soul” by Keri Wyatt Kent, it talks about the emergency procedures in a plane … “in the event of an emergency ..” and how you put your own oxygen mask on first and THEN assist the children and people around you. Good advice for mothers!

For our households to function well, it is advisable for mothers to take care of themselves first in order to be of greater help to their husbands and children.

Breathe deeply. Get the oxygen in your lungs. Did you know that breathing in your nose helps to relax you?

Slow down enough to be aware of your breathing. It’s beneficial for you to take or make time out to sit and “BE”. And don’t wait until there’s an emergency – make it a regular habit throughout each week.

I’m so glad, even now as homeschoolers, that we have “Quiet Time” after lunch. The children are now 8+10 and we don’t do it every day, but the option is there – and Mother will put the call out for “Quiet Time” and the kids know that it’s time for reading or doing something quietly on their beds (without cars and pens) for the half an hour or hour I say. Of course, I go to my bed for a read or a rest too – and model the enjoyment (necessity?) of reading, resting, and thinking (or ‘imagination’) time.

Mother, may you find your Rest …


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  1. Thanks for the important reminder. 🙂

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