ThTh : Decision Making

This is not an authoritative treatise on decision-making, though I’ve read plenty of them recently as I consider a new opportunity and ministry role.

How do you make decisions? With a grid analysis chart or some ranking system. Maybe you consider different criteria and options. Let your mind wander down the lane of consequences if you do – or don’t – take the position or buy that car or house. A mind map with a brainstorm, or a quad with YES, good + bad and NO, bad + good in the corners can also clarify some issues.

Maybe your God-centred worldview will encourage you to read the Bible, listen to various advisors, and line up attitudes, abilities, and what you know of God’s ways – like the ship lining up lights in the harbour channel.

Hey! It says in the Bible (Proverbs 16:33) that God controls the fall of the dice (or the coin), so it might be time-saving – and stress-saving – to just assign a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (like ‘thummin’ and ‘urim’ of the Jews) and go with the result – and really, if you’re desperate to do the other thing – then do it! What’s the worst thing that can happen anyway?

Does God have an individual plan for your life? I’m not so certain. He gives us His wisdom and principles by which to live life – and a creative brain. We have to supply a theology of failure (and success too for that matter) – and then just make a sensible decision with the information that you’ve gathered.

Analysis paralysis cramps your style. Launch out with the confidence, joy, faith, and nerve-calming wisdom that God gives. Yep! Intelligent beings can still ask for God for His wisdom – and so often it’s a case of : You don’t have cos you don’t ask!

… I need to ask, God, for some wisdom …

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